Page 47 - February 2021
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3rd District officer cooks up culinary connection
Officer Delbert Howell in the 3rd District received a special honor from the Cook County commissioner on Jan. 30 for con- necting with South Side youth.
Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer awarded How- ell with an official resolution for
implementing and developing
Healthy Plates with the Police Cu-
linary Program. Through the pro- gram, Howell facilitates free events teaching children about healthy eating habits and cooking tech- niques they can use at home.
The events are designed to bring together young residents and offi- cers for a shared culinary experi- ence and community building.
Clearing snow with the 6th District
After the snowstorm that ravaged the city the weekend of Jan. 27, officers in the 6th District decided to get out in the commu- nity and help clear some snow.
They headed to a Chatham neighborhood on Feb. 1 with shovels and snowblowers in hand and made the sidewalks of the residential area safe for walking.

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