Page 49 - February 2021
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    9th District
The 9th District CAPS office joined forces with the 312 Fish Market to de- liver 10 lunch boxes to 10 seniors living in the Deering community every Monday throughout 2021.
   10th District
In Little Village, 10th District officers took a moment to check in with se- niors and drop off food and baked goods thanks to the Acevedo Founda- tion and Ferrara Bakery in the Ogden district.
 All paws on deck in the 7th District
A 7th District pet food pantry initiative made strides in keep- ing furry friends fed and cared for in the midst of snow flurries on Jan. 16.
In a drive-through distribution, the pantry loaded more than 20,000 pounds of bagged pet food into 700 vehicles that pulled up to the event, many with the four-legged passengers in tow. Officers also gave out special pet blankets, small toys and treats.

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