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    12th District
  22nd District
7th District
 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day — not just one day
The official National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day took place on Jan. 9, but based on social media feeds from Chicago Police districts across the city, support for officers didn’t limit itself to just one day last month.
   Mother McCauley students and their families expressed their thanks to 22nd District officers with pens, gift cards and a kind note of gratitude to make a special day in Morgan Park just a little better.
In the 12th District on the Near West Side, members of the community group ASEZ Wao couldn’t have said it any better — “Your sacri- fice doesn’t go unnoticed! Thank you!”
Supporters from Something Good in Englewood gave 7th District officers something to feel good about with a donation of hand sanitizer and prepack- aged meals.

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