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Community Safety
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Cops and the community
A new year means new opportunities for Chicago Police Officers to engage with residents throughout communities across the city. From kids heading back to school after the holidays to seniors needing meals or simple interactions, of- ficers got 2021 started on the right foot for relationship building.
       Officers in 020 keep putting the miles on their shoes with walk- and-talks in parks, visits to businesses and anywhere they can connect with citizens about safety tips and other important in- formation.
In partnership with the McCormick Foundation, Community Safety officers stuffed 500 bags and baskets with educational toys that are destined for school children in neigh- borhoods around the city. All of them will be delivered by officers.
Backpacks filled with books and prizes were ready to roll out in the 5th District for some lucky students as they began the new year with hopes of returning to the classroom soon.

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