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WYTHE Assemblage (Wythe I & II)
Modern interpreta on of a centuries-old building technique
As one of the premier NLT, or nail-laminated  mber, mul -use structures in the U.S., the Wythe Assemblage will be comprised of both residen al lo s and commercial spaces in the recently renovated Sugar District. The concept that was created over a decade ago is created by fastening individual dimensional lumber, stacked on edge, into one structural element with nails. Coveted by architects and builders for it’s lightweight and aesthe c value, NLT and other mass  mber products are se ng the bar for future sustainable construc on with sustainability while providing strength and durability that rival that of steel and concrete structures.
Tharpe Engineering Group provided structural design, construc on documenta on, and construc on administra on services for the mixed-use building consis ng of one subterranean parking level and  ve levels of retail, o ce, and residen al space above.
Me culous structural analysis was required to maintain acceptable lateral dri  tolerances while minimizing the introduc on of ver cal and horizontal bracing into the otherwise clean aesthe c of exposed wood.
Hansen Architects
Constrc on Cost:
Gross Area:
130,000 SF
Loca on:
Brooklyn, NY

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