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A high-end bou que hotel with a Southern design vernacular
The Perry Lane Hotel will be a high-end bou que hotel with a Southern design vernacular. The project is being developed by Flank, who recently completed the renova on of Drayton Tower. The hotel will feature 168 guest rooms, a pool, mee ng spaces, roo op events space and retail and dining op ons. Tharpe Engineering Group provided structural design, construc on documenta on, and construc on administra on for this project.
The large and numerous exterior openings required an internal lateral force resis ng system, comprised of the elevator and stair cores, which eliminated the need for exterior shear walls. A full height cellar level with parking extends beneath both towers and required temporary shoring of excava on and a phased construc on of the cellar founda on walls. The intricate brick detailing required rigorous coordina on with the architecture team in order to support arches and other expressions of the veneer. Addi onally, a roo op pool and steel framed event space are supported by the post-tension concrete building structure.
Hansen Architects
Constrc on Cost:
Gross Area:
115,000 SF
Loca on:
Savannah, GA

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