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ALUMNI News                                                         Alumni and a few active brothers got together this past summer for a BBQ and golf outing.

Rho alumni hosted a golf outing and summer BBQ this past August
        in Naperville, IL, with Brothers Chris Perkins ’91, Mike Phillipp
        ’91, Dave Taylor ’76, and Terry Wagner ’90 taking home the
championship. A total of 34 alumni and undergraduate brothers participated,
including some alumni that traveled from four states outside of Illinois. While
not all of the golfing was impressive, fun was had by all. Rho alumni aim to
make this an annual event that is even larger next year. For information on
the 2016 event send e-mails to

Rho chapter brothers and alumni met up at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria    Chapter Eternal                                 Have Alumni
in Lincolnwood for our annual winter break get together. We had a                                                       News?
great time and hope to get a better turnout in years to come!       We are saddened to have learned of the
                                                                   passing of our Brother. Our sympathies to       We want to hear from you!
                                                                                                                   Send your personal updates,
                                                                              his friends and family.              accomplishments, adventures,
                                                                                                                   and photos to our Account
                                                                    Robert Rummler ’36                             Manager Kasey Breedlove at
                                                                                                                   We will include your news in
                                                                                                                   the next issue of The Rho Extra!

Ebel                                                                            realized I better spend    the four-year-old daughter of a friend of mine
                                                                                a substantial amount of    was diagnosed with cancer. He was telling me
(Continued from Page 1)                                                         time learning how to       about it one night and I asked him if we could
                                                                                be a manager. So I cut     grant Emma a wish through Make-A-Wish. He

exist back then. I met a guy that    Jason at the main brewery in front of one  my hair and beard and      said yes and within six weeks we put the first
had just started a brewery and       of the fermenters rows. Each tank holds    started reading business   festival together. We brought them to the fest and
needed help, so I took the job. I    400 kegs, which means there is plenty to   books. I still put a lot   raised enough money for her wish to meet the
was definitely the grunt. I cleaned  share with everyone.                       of time into reading       Disney princesses. Now eight years later it has
kegs and tanks. I milled grain and                                              and studying how to        turned into a 15,000-person festival with national
carted out the used grain – all the                                             manage people and run a    headliner bands playing. We grant multiple
low man on the totem pole jobs that                                             business. I love learning  wishes as well as donate to other local charities.
the owner didn’t want to do.                                                    about it and seeing
                                                                                what other successful      Outside of work, what do you do for fun?
Once you landed a job on a                                                      companies do.
design team at an architect                                                                                  I have a true love of travel. Spending a
firm, why did you decide to                                                     How did your               year in France made a lasting impression on
leave?                                                                          friends and family         me. My family and I love to go to new places
                                                                                show their support         and experience new adventures. I also like to
  After working in the brewery for                                              for your dream?            exercise and be outdoors. I enjoy running and
                                                                                                           hiking. Plus, all the exercise allows me to have a

a year, we decided to move back                                                 We couldn’t have few extra beers.

to Chicago. I got a job at a good                done this without their overwhelming support.             What advice can you give the alumni
architecture firm in downtown Chicago on the     We started our brewery on a shoestring. We had            and young actives about staying
design team. I worked there for a couple years,  our grandfather’s used dairy equipment that               motivated in life?
but I always thought about brewing and getting   we turned into beer equipment. We didn’t have

back into it. Eventually, with the support of my money to hire many people either, so we worked I am a firm believer that you should enjoy what
wife and family, I realized that I should follow                                                           you do for a living. You have to get up every day
my dream while I was young enough to do it.      a ton of hours. We used to ask our friends and            and do something, so make it something you love.
So I left a good paying architecture job for an  family to come help us package the beer. We               If you aren’t having fun and don’t like what you do,
$8/hr brewing assistant job. It turned out to be would have packing parties where we would                 then it is time to move on. It really helps you stay
a great decision, but it was one I could not haveorder pizzas and drink a few beers as we packed           positive when you don’t mind going to work.
made without their support.                      cases for the general market. Our family and
                                                 friends were invaluable to our success.                      June 3-4
What was the most difficult part about
starting your own brewery?                       What prompted you to host the Two
                                                 Brothers Summer Fest?
  Learning how to be a manager. When we started
                                                   Two Brothers Summer Festival is something
ΦΚΣout, I was a 24-year-old, ex-deadhead, hippie kidwe are all very proud of here. It is a two-day beer,

that knew how to make beer but nothing about food, and music festival in early June, where all

running a business or managing people. I soon the proceeds go to charity. It started out because           @ Riveredge Park - Aurora, IL 3
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