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I am 315 S. Madison: A TRIBUTE by Tim Storm ’11 here was a special moment during the closing remarks of the 50th Anniversary TCelebration banquet, delivered by the Master of Ceremonies, Scott Chesley ’85. Scott gave a speech that resonated through each brother and guest in the room. He stated: “Whether Theta Chi has played a small part or whether it has made a large impact on your life, all of us have shared in this great history. All of us carry a piece of Theta Chi wherever we go and whatever we do and each one of us has made the foundation of this chapter stronger and stronger with each graduating class.” Scott then recited his best recollection of a speech made by Eric “Big E” Sullivan ’61 —the infamous “I Am 315”—that was originally delivered at the 35th Anniversary Celebration. Big E’s words brought back memories, laughter, and pride as Scott nailed each word and line. His spirit and memory carried through the weekend for those lucky enough to have known him. When Scott concluded, the room fell silent—no chatter, even the stirring and clinking of ice in drink glasses halted— in respect. Applause erupted and brothers and their guests gave a standing ovation. Big E would have been proud of his boys. Here is Scott’s version of the “I am 315” speech am 315 South Madison! I am well over 160 stereos cranked up to ten! Brothers Brett Peters ’90, Oliver Alvarez ’97, I years old. I was built by a local physician in I have seen challenges, years when I wasn’t and Brad Vance ’98 after the closing banquet. the 1850s. I have had a long and storied history. sure if I would survive another winter or In 1959, I was the residence of the American another semester of Theta Chi brothers running and radio station. There have been musicians, Association of Commons Club, and since through my halls. I have gone through several performers, artists, varsity athletes, and the list October 24, 1964, I have served the brothers of new roofs, boilers, bathrooms, and windows, goes on and on! Theta Chi Fraternity at Adrian College. I am old, some of which were even bricked up by a frugal I have hosted formals and social events I am a little tired, and yes, I have seen much! housefather in order to save money! But in spite attended by bevies of beautiful, young coeds. I have housed within my walls hundreds of of tight fnances, I have managed to survive. (How my men pulled that off is still a mystery to Theta Chi brothers over the years. They have Over the years, I have witnessed personal me!) Some of these young ladies became wives. come and gone, only staying with me for a short challenges faced by many of my men. Some Some are even sitting in this very room tonight. time. Some for a semester or two, others for challenges were academic, others had to My men have passed through my four walls years. Some maybe a bit too long, if you asked overcome health or physical issues. And of to go on to be doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, their parents! course, many faced relationship challenges. managers, scientists, ministers, educators, I have found most of my men to be And when my men were inevitably “shot down” farmers, and yes, even a politician or two! But academically inclined, others not as much. But by the one they thought was the “love of their leaders in their respective lives, caring and all, all have brought a unique energy, excitement, life,” I tried my best to provide a comfortable, hardworking leaders all! and enthusiasm through my doors! Perhaps at welcoming place for them to retreat within to So, while I am old and I may be failing, I have times a little too much energy and excitement ease their pain and suffering! always tried to stand tall and instill pride in the for my aging frame. And although thankfully rare, even the men who have stayed with me, and who have I have had my doors slammed, my windows tragic loss of beloved Theta Chi brothers have many times cared for me over the years. My broken, my plaster cracked. My roof has been permeated my walls with grief and sadness. Theta Chi men have lived, learned, and dare I say, slept on. My bathrooms have been fooded. I Fortunately, I have witnessed many happy possibly even loved within my four walls. And I have tolerated my historic stairs being used occasions, too. I have seen the countless am truly proud to have known each one of them. as a human slide on Saturday nights! I have achievements of my men on campus. I have Yes, my footings may crack and my mortar endured countless “wars” in my sleeper, the been proud to be host to presidents of student may crumble, but the brothers of Theta Chi are “shotgunning” of my urinals at two a.m., and of government and the Interfraternity Council. I my foundation now! And I am confdent, with course, parties to all hours of the night and into have housed editors and writers of The College the right care, love, and support, I will be here the early morning, with my bricks and mortar World newspaper and The Mound yearbook, for the next 50 years of Theta Chi Fraternity. rattled and shaken with the base reverberation of producers and directors of the theater, the TV I am 315 South Madison! Pictured left to right: Johnny Weishar ’14, Kyle Cordova ’12, Garrett Beitelchies ’13, Corey Thomas ’13, Mike Campbell ’13, Tom D’Andreta ’13, Doug Miller ’90, Pictured left to right: Evan Sawaya ’11, Greg Bartosch ’11, RJ Cichy ’11, Joseph Couch Chi/Auburn ’96, Peter Lund ’86, and Alex Amos ’16. Mike Miller ’11, Tim Storm ’11, and Skyler Lambert ’12.
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