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Zeta Beta Decker (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) people more than I can put into words. It’s because of that place and those people that Corporation chair, Joseph Decker ’05, and a cocky, selfsh, spiky-haired kid from Sand chapter president Hayden Garlick ’15, Creek learned how to treat people and act who all gave speeches. like a gentleman. It’s because of that place National Vice President Joseph and those people that I have dear, lifelong Couch ’96 (Chi/Auburn), gave the Chapter Advisors Dr. Donald friends that at the drop of a hat would do keynote address and pointed out that the Kleinsmith ’52 (left) and Dr. Bryan anything for me, and vice versa. And it’s Bott ’86 (right) outside of the brothers of Zeta Beta constantly display volunteer reception in Valade Hall. because of that place and those people that I Theta Chi for life, not for awards, but was the frst in my family to graduate from because “that’s what they do.” a four-year institution with a degree in an Many awards were given out during the area that I love working in. How can you weekend, including three George T. Kilavos awards, and thirty- possible repay those things? Alumni Awards—the second-to-highest two Citation of Serving on the board, and most recently national distinction for alumni service to the Honors. as its chair, was my way of adding to the local, national, and regional fraternity—to The night woodpile. I never held an elected position Terrance Robinson ’66, Brad Snizik ’82, and closed with a as an undergrad and often wondered if I was Jim Grissinger ’90. Zeta Beta brothers also tribute to former proud of the legacy I left at Adrian. I can received seven David E. DeVol Awards, fve house father and Theta Chi say now that the work we did over these last Golden Guard Awards, forty-six Silver Legion for Life Award-winner Eric “Big E” three years I will talk about with pride and Sullivan ’61. Master of Ceremonies, Scott excitement. I was happy to put that work in. Chesley ’85, gave a rousing This is my last column as chair; you will rendition of a speech Eric had delivered several years read that Gregory Bartosch ’11 will be taking my position on the board. I will still ago entitled “I Am 315.” be an active Trustee on the board and will After the chapter’s cheer was provide both my opinions and assistance done, brothers moved back to the house for a fnal time to when asked. Thank you so very much for letting me serve in this capacity and I look enjoy the last minutes of the forward to seeing the great things Greg and weekend—a weekend that his board will do. was a tremendous success. Sincerely and Fraternally, Members of the Zeta Beta House Corporation at the House Rededication Ceremony. JLD Silver Legion and Golden Guard Award Winners ncluded with this newsletter is the list of Silver Legion and Golden Guard Award winners. IThese awards are presented to those brothers who have been members of Theta Chi for 25 and 50 years. Perhaps, at the 75th Anniversary, we will be awarding the Diamond Brigade for brothers that have been members for 75 years. ► Stuart G. Copeland ’64 ► Steve Stafford ’83 ► Stephen J. Doolan ’87 ► Stanley M. Legenc ’65 ► John Urban ’83 ► Paul Fletcher ’88 ► Normal L. Colbry ’66 ► Slavatore C. Molaro, Jr. ’83 ► S. Maxwell Smith ’88 ► Donald Taylor ’67 ► William S. Shollenberger ’83 ► Robert Defenderfer ’88 ► John D. Correll ’67 ► Glenn A. DeLong ’84 ► Vincent J. Crawford ’88 John D. Correll ’67, Stephen R. Gregg ’68, Stanley M. Legenc ► Stephen R. Gregg ’68 ► Donald C. Lamont ’84 ► Michael R. Serra ’88 ’65, and Stuart B. Copeland ’64 (pictured left to right) hold ► Robert C. Guy ’70 ► Joseph A. Meo ’84 ► James E. Carlson ’89 their Golden Guard Awards. ► Ronald L. Batory ’71 ► Scott E. Chesley ’85 ► Alan B. Copeland ’89 ► William B. Russell ’71 ► Dewey Maynard, Jr. ’85 ► Doug Miller ’90 ► Norman J. Doyle ’73 ► Stephen K. Paul, III ’85 ► James R. Grissinger ’90 ► Michael N. Seelye ’74 ► James D. Schweigert ’85 ► Daniel W. Hobson ’90 ► Karl F. Brevitz ’77 ► David P. Smith ’85 ► Gregory H. Wallace ’90 ► Scott L. Granacher ’78 ► Michael T. Smith ’85 ► Paul S. Cole ’92 ► Robert M. Urwiller ’78 ► Fred Almond ’86 ► Brian S. Kowalczk ’92 ► Thomas N. Schau ’79 ► Patrick M. Hayden ’86 ► Jose M. Melero ’92 ► Donald H. Dickerson ’80 ► Mark P. Hubbard ’86 ► Jeffrey M. Wallace ’92 ► Kenneth D. Thomas ’80 ► Peter J. Lund ’86 ► Mark A. Douglass ’93 ► Lawrence J. Peterson ’82 ► Albert J. Richards, Jr. ’86 Alumni Award winner Jim Grissinger ’90 (middle) poses ► Bradley J. Snizik ’82 ► Gregory H. Wicking ’86 ► Gold ► Silver with Doug Miller ’90 (left) and Joseph Couch (right). Alumni communication services provided by Te Laurus Group | | 770-903-3987 | @thelaurusgroup
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