Page 18 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 2 - Final Copy
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        T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   1  8

         Animal Graves

        A little after the discovery of Maherpra’s             Very close to him, a monkey, perfectly
        grave, the excavations financed by retired,            preserved, was sitting on its behind. I

        wealthy American lawyer T. Davis, brought              thought for a moment that they were alive,
        the discovery in 1906, of 3 animal graves              one and the other, before understanding
        numbered KV 50, KV 51 and KV 52.                       that they had been mummified and stripped
                                                               of their cloth ribbons by thieves.
        Together these graves contained 1 dog, 6
        monkeys, 3 ducks and 1 Ibis. Because these             It is clear that they had seated the monkey,

        tombs were found close to that of                      quite straight, on a piece of wood taken
        Amenhotep II, they were considered to                  from his coffin, and had then straighten the
        contain this pharaoh’s favorite animals.               dog so close to the monkey that it was
                                                               almost touching it with its nose. In this
        It was KV50 that contained the dog’s                   manner, the monkey seemed to say “I am
        mummy, and T. Davis’ story, when he                    done with”, and the dog to answer “Courage,
        entered the grave, does not lack in flavor:            everything will be alright!”  I am sure that

                                                               the thieves had fun imagining this scene. Be
        “I entered a low room where the heat was               that as it may, this joke goes back 3000
        unbearable. What was my surprise to see,               years.”
        near me, a yellow dog, of normal size,

        standing, his tail rolled on its back and his          The mummies of this dog and the monkey
        eyes wide open.                                        are now kept at the Cairo Museum.

                         Sighthound and monkey mummies, in situ. Illustration by E. Harold Jones in Davis, 1908
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