Page 15 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 2 - Final Copy
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T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   1  5

                                 A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE

                               AMERICAN SHOW SYSTEM 
                                   FOR EUROPEAN AND NORTH AFRICAN AFICIONADOS
                                               BY NANCY LOVELADY, USA

       In the States, dogs are awarded points,                   The United States is divided up into 11
       based on the numbers of dogs and bitches                  Divisions, and each has its own Point
       defeated. In a rare breed such as the                     Schedule, which is adjusted each May,
       Sloughi, the AKC Point Schedule looks like                based on the numbers of dogs shown in
       this:                                                     a particular area of the country. If there
                                                                 are many championships given in any
       1 Point  2 Point  3 Point       4 Point    5 Point        breed, the numbers are adjusted upward
       2M 2F     3M 3F      4M 4F      5M 5F      6M 6F          to make it more difficult. If less dogs are

       A dog must earn 15 total points to be                     entered/championships earned, the
       awarded a championship, with at least 2                   numbers go down, but never lower than
       “major” wins, under different judges. A                   those listed above.  At one point in my
       “major” win is a 3, 4, or 5 point win.                    handling career, exhibitors would
       So dogs compete against their own gender,                 actually travel to different divisions, to
       but there are exceptions, such as when the                get their dogs finished where the

       male or female animal from the classes                    numbers of dogs needed was not as
       beats a champion, AFTER the animal has
       been awarded the designation of Winners                   When showing Terriers, at one point,  a
       Dog or Winners Bitch.                                     5 point major in bitches topped out at
                                                                 29. However, many years later, and with
       Awards are Best of Breed (BOB), Best of                   Terriers today generally in decline, the

       Winners (BOW) (selected from the Winners                  number has fallen to less than half that
       Dog and Winners Bitch, whichever animal                   amount, so changes in points will
       the judge feels is the better of the two                  happen when Sloughis become more
       specimens) and Best of Opposite Sex                       popular in Conformation.
       (BOS).  There are other awards, but these
       are the most important for obtaining a                    This is why it is extremely difficult in the
       championship title.                                       States to get a championship in Sloughis,

                                                                 aside from the few (150?—I do not have
       Critiques are not offered at AKC shows,                   an accurate count) dogs here.
       and fully licensed judges are expected to
       judge approximately 150-175 animals a day,
       at a rate of about 2 minutes per dog.
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