Page 11 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 2 - Final Copy
P. 11

T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                    1  1

             I often work from live models and demonstrate modeling at public art events. During the long process of creation, this
                                             Sloughi clay became very well traveled.
        In searching for the voice of this particular         The tiniest shifts in posture or angle were

        sculpture, I modeled clay studies at lure             making a difference. It was getting close
        trials and at ringsides to study dogs in              but still needed a clearer focus.
        motion and with various gestures and
        attitudes. I don't think the type or                  Any of these early versions would have
        conformation were ever much of an issue, I            lead to a nice sculpture, but I knew I could
        wasn't going to be satisfied with the clay            do more with this and I wanted to.

        until it had its own powerful and unique
        message, one unique from previous                     Tenaciously I hunted for the lines and
        sighthound bronzes that I’ve done.                    rhythms within the form that would spark
                                                              it to life and reveal its spirit, until at last
        During this period of exploration, the clay           the clay began to mirror my own search for
        study was used as a demonstration piece at            some unknown attainable. And that was it!
        several public art events including a gallery         “The Pursuit of a Distant Dream” depicts

        opening and the Plein Air Art Convention,             the moment of hesitation as a Sloughi
        both in San Diego, CA. Even though the                sights his desire far in the distance.
        clay was not in its final form, it never failed
        to attract the rapt attention of onlookers            His pose and expression communicate
        who were drawn to the life presence they              tension, concentration, and a sense of

        saw in the clay.                                      longing. Having spotted his goal, he
                                                              calculates: is it attainable? It makes no
                                                              difference, it is the quest that must never
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