Page 9 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 2 - Final Copy
P. 9

T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   0  9

         When asked to sculpt a Sloughi in bronze, I              My work draws heavily on the emotional
         took more than two years to complete the                 presence that I sense from the subjects.  I
         commission. The consensus among                          sculpt with the intent that the work will
         collectors who have seen the finished work               influence its space with a palpable mood.

         is that considering the result, the wait was             Animals are not my sole subject but I
         justified.  In less than a month after its               often chose them because of the natural
         release, demand had exceeded production                  ease with which their body posture and
         capacity requiring that orders be                        gestures communicate a variety of
         temporarily suspended at number nine of                  emotional states. Animal subjects offer
         the fifteen to be ultimately cast. This                  rich source material which can be
         enthusiastic response was especially                     powerful or subtle. This power can be felt
         gratifying because the path I took to create             in my other sculptures such as the 45” tall
         this sculpture was not an easy one.                      “Aristocracy”, which quietly commands its
                                                                  space with ceremonial, if exotic,
         There was little indication at the inception             authority.
         of this sculpture that it would generate
         such interest. Two years prior, I began this             This sculpture would set the required
         commission with no personal experience                   tone at a formal entry. In another
         with this particular breed and scant                     example, the impression of time standing
         contact with representatives of it. Without              still can be felt in the depiction of the
         Sloughi models at hand, there were no                    pregnant mare called “Waiting”.  This
         immediate impressions on which to base a                 small bronze emanates a feeling of calm

         sculpture.                                               acceptance and restfulness. When
                                                                  sculptures proclaim the purpose of a
                                                                  place, they are more than mere objects,
                                                                  they are art.

                                                               Preparations for this piece included making some
                                                               drawings. This is a great way of taking the time to
                                                               consider various possibilities and study the subject.
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