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T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   0  5

                            © Näslund                                              © Näslund

                         SE CH V’FA’IZ SHI’RAYAN SE LCC

                                             BY INGELA NÄSLUND, SWEDEN

        Born July 22, 2011, by Bensekrane’s Saff at           He loves little puppies and is a great
        Shi’Rayan, GRC out of Amal, ORC, SGRC                 “uncle” to play with, also giving them some
        Owner: Ingela Näslund                                 advice in behaviour. It is the same with
        Breeder: Dominique Crapon de Caprona                  little people, he is caring and patient with
                                                              our grandchildren.
        V’Fa’Iz Shi’Rayan came to us in January of
        2012. He soon settled in with his new                 Faiz is an attentive dog with integrity and I
        family of two adults and three female                 always liked shows, so we trained and he

        Sloughi - at home he is called Faiz.                  soon gained his Swedish conformation
        He has a very gentle and sweet character
        and has never been difficult in any way. For          Unfortunately, racing is more difficult
        instance, he always comes when called,                here, tracks are far away and there are not

        one is not spoiled with that as a                     so many Sloughis in Sweden to compete
        sighthound owner, although he is very                 against. But we enjoy lure coursing, and so
        suspicious towards reflections of the sun             does Faiz, and in 2014 he also became a
        or laser pointers.                                    Swedish Lure Coursing Champion.

                                                              He always gives all that he has got in the
                                                              field, you can really see him stretch.
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