Page 10 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 2 - Final Copy
P. 10

T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   1  0

                                           Various small studies done in modeling wax.

           To begin exploring the potential of this               “Hard Turn” (2010), highlights the dynamic
           Sloughi sculpture, I modeled several                   action of a Saluki coursing a hare at the
           preliminary studies and made sketches.                 pivotal moment in the chase when either

           Several earlier bronzes, all featuring the             contestant could still prevail. “Joie de
           Saluki, had already articulated a variety of           Vivre” (2012), as the title indicates,
           expressions. Each sculpture evoked a                   expresses joyfulness.  The paucity of live
           distinct emotive quality and I didn’t want to          Sloughi models in my area meant that the
           repeat myself in a similar sculpture.                  voice this piece would have to be drawn
           “Desert Winds”, created in 2009, displays              through the substance of other, more
           the pensive restrained tension of a hound              immediate models, and filtered through
           waiting for the hunt to begin.                         prior experiences, a difficult but not
                                                                  impossible task.
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