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Page 2          The Antique Shoppe             May, 2018
                                             NATIONAL POSTCARD WEEK               They should be stored in acid-free, archival covers and kept safe from being bent.
                                                                                    Near mint: Almost like mint except for a very minor flaws.
                                             The first week in May marks National   Excellent: No tears or wear. It can be postmarked or written on, provided the
                                            Postcard Week. Early in the 20th century,   postcard itself is still in perfect shape.
                                            postcard enthusiasts sent “Postcard Day”   Very good: Often mailed, postmarked and written on,  but has very few signs of
                                            postcards on May 1st. But the modern   wear.
                                            observance “officially” began in 1984   Good: Shows signs of its journey. There may be bent corners, a fold, etc. Unlikely
                                            as a week dedicated to the celebration   to be worth much unless it's particularly unusual, rare or was written by something
                                            of Deltiology, the study of postcards, to   famous.
                                            encourage the collecting, publishing and   Fair to poor: Grimy, beaten up, bent, crushed, creased, etc. These are collected
                                            mailing of picture postcards. The third   mostly for sentimental reasons or because they complete a set, or maybe just because
                                            largest hobby after collecting stamps and   you like them.
                                            money, collecting postcards can be a very   Building your collection: Look online for a very wide variety of postcards both new
                                            rewarding pastime that can be as broad or   and old to antique. Auction sites, antique sites and postcard seller sites will provide
                                            as narrow as you’d like.              you with a wide array of choices. Visit a postcard trade show. Here you'll find nothing
                                             Postcards sell from 5 cents to hundreds   but postcards! Peruse antique stores, flea markets, garage and yard sales, secondhand
                                            of dollars. Price is determined by the   bookstores and other similar stores for older postcards. Ask family members for old,
                                            picture on the card, condition, rarity or   unwanted postcards.
                                            sometimes the message on the card.      Some of the things to consider when purchasing cards include:
                                            Even the stamp or postmark can add      Cleanliness of the card: This is not about whether or not it has been written on. It's
                                            value. Cards with pictures of street   about the splotches, marks, grime and grease. Try to find postcards that have even
                                            scenes with stores, amusement parks,   and unbent edges and haven't been torn or dog eared. It's always preferable if you can
                                            advertising, people, or special events are   actually read what has been written on the postcard if it has writing.
                                            very collectible. Some collectors look for   Markings: Mostly this is about the postmark. The more legible, the better.
        postcards with pictures of early autos, trains, or airplanes. Comic—even naughty—  Avoid: Moldy postcards, really badly battered card, stains, or too many folds or
        postcards had their heyday around World War I. Postcards with reproduced artwork   creases, tears, etc. If it looks tattered, it probably has little value unless the content is
        by particular artists or publishers can be valuable.                      particularly collectible.
          Postcards can be collected in many ways but some of the most common approaches   Store your cards in archival, acid-free covers available from hobby stores, and
        are by artist, location, date, or a theme or interest.                    online. These will keep dust, grime and stains off the postcards and the paper will
          Learn to date postcards by era: Most picture postcards collected today date after   be safe from acidity. Keep the cards stored flat and in a place where they cannot be
        1910. 1898-1919 is known as the "Golden Age of Postcards", when picture postcards   crushed, bent or warped. Ensure that the environment is dry and cool and not humid.
        were most popular. The postage stamp can help date vintage postcards—the price   Spend some time researching the values of postcards. But don’t get hung up on high
        increased 24 times from 1872 to 2013. The U.S. first allowed postcards to be mailed   values before you develop your own collecting style. Buy what you like and develop
        in 1872 for 1 cent. Postcards mailed before August 1958 cost up to 2 cents. In January   your own theme.
        2013, the rate jumped up to 33 cents. Another dating tip: the reverse side of a   Don’t toss that shoebox of old postcards—they tell stories about the past and can
        postcard typically showed the address, postmark and postage until 1907, when a   be valuable.
        space was created for a message.
          •1901-1906 – undivided backs on picture postcards
          •1907-1915 – divided backs on picture postcards (a few years earlier in some
          •1915-1930 – white border postcards were common.                                NORTH PORT                        Vintage Finder’s
          •1930-1950 – linen collectible postcards were common.
          •Post 1940 postcards were produced as modern chromes, namely color                                                Warehouse “llc”
        photographs instead of the photo-chromes generated from black and white photos in                    VFW             Dean & Diane Castellano
        earlier postcards – early chromes date from the 1940s-1960s.                        75
          Given that postcards are usually sent within a few years of production, the postmark                             1075 Innovation  Avenue
        can be (but not always) an indicator of age.                                                           75                Unit 106
          Learn the collector's terminology and focus. Once you start getting serious about                                  North Port, FL 34289
        collecting postcards, you'll find that there are quite a few things to take into account                               941-228-8112
        when collecting them. Things of importance when collecting postcards include                                           941-228-7804
        condition, age, anything interesting about the postcard such the artist/photographer,                                     Priced to Sell
        the image, sometimes the printer, and the postcard's rarity. Other notable things                                       & Dealer Friendly
        include the sender, the content of the writing, the address, the stamp/postmark, the
        post office markings, etc. Any of these elements could cause a postcard to be very
        special.                                                                                                                            Exclusive Retailer
                                                                                                                                               Dixie Belle Paint
          Learn to determine condition: Mint: This means that the vintage postcard appears                   
        as it would have fresh off the printing press. NO writing, postage, creases, bends, etc.

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