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May, 2018          The Antique Shoppe          Page 3
        Gentleman’s Closets                                                       an  elegant,  freestanding  piece  of
                                                                                  furniture  is  desired  and  a  full-size
        Continued from Page 1                                                     wardrobe  or  armoire  is  too  big.
                                                                                  Decorators  also  use  chifforobes  to
                                                Chifforobe, though, is primarily   impart  a  nostalgic  feeling  to  hotel
                                             an American southern word, which     lobbies, B&Bs, and guest rooms.
                                             was  made  famous  by  its  use  in    Since chifforobes are smaller than
                                             To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper      wardrobes,  some  people  repurpose
                                             Lee.  Lee  used  the  term  11  times   chifforobes into all-purpose cabinets
                                             in  the  novel,  primarily  as  Tom   for  use  in  home  offices  or  dens.
                                             Robinson’s  alibi  against  raping   Some  are  repurposed  into  kitchen
                                             Mayella Ewell.                       cabinets.
                                                Today,  decorators  often  use
                                             chifforobes to add extra closet space   Beautiful, American-made
                                             to  a  bedroom,  especially  when    two-closet chifforobe, circa
                                                                                   1940, with domed cornice
                                                                                   that is valued at $2,200.↓
                                                                                                                                              has been
            ↑Solid walnut, Art Nouveau                                                                                                       refinished
           chifforobe, circa 1900, that is                                                                                                     and is
                 valued at $1,200.                                                                                                            valued at


                                                                                                                      ↑1930s, waterfall styled, cedar
                                                                                                                      lined chiffarobe.  This elegant
              Shabby chic-painted chifforobe, circa 1930s,                                                            piece is valued at $750.
                                  that is valued at $500.→

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