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Page 8         The Antique Shoppe             May, 2018

           Dade City & San Antonio                                                                    COMMON SENSE


                                                           Meridian Ave
                                            DADE CITY                                                                         By Fred Taylor

                                         52                    Clinton Ave               OLD FURNITURE - NEW LANGUAGE
                                  4                                                                      Speaking French
                               577             579
                                                                                    If you like older and antique furniture you may have already acquired another
                                      579A                  Ft. King Hwy.  301  98  asset that you didn’t even know about, in addition to the antiques. You may have

               75                                                                 the beginnings of a second or in some cases even a third language skill. Most of
                                                                 39               us are reasonably proficient in English and some of the fortunate or ambitious
                                                                                  have a second language at their command. But if you collect antique furniture
                                                                                  you probably have already started learning French, even if it is in self-defense

                                                   Celebrating                    sometimes.
                 Park your car in the               20    Antiques                   My introduction to “furniture French” was at a garage sale many years ago
                                                    YEARS!  on the                when I inquired about the price of the large cabinet with the mirrored door. “Oh,
              treeshaded city lots and              MAin street                   you mean the armoire?” said the host. Call it what you will I still wanted to

              stroll among our antique      ZEPHYRHILLS                           know the price of the cabinet. Turns out it wasn’t an armoire. It was a chifforobe.
                                                                                  Nevertheless, both names are based in French and I soon learned that I had a
  To Tampa     and collectible shops.           54         5th Ave.               lot more to learn - in French. The chifforobe is a cabinet with hanging storage
                                                                                  behind a door on one side and stacked drawers on the other. The name is a
                                                              Gall Blvd.
                                                                                  combination of chiffonier - a tall chest in French - and a wardrobe, the English
                       Enjoy our
                                                                                  names of things you probably are familiar with.
                  small town charms.                        41           39       name for an armoire. I was surrounded by French. Here are some more French
                                                  Peggy Capps, Proprietor
               We’d love to have you!              (352) 523-0999
                                                       To Tampa
                                                   14122 7th STREET      To Plant City
                                                  DADE CITY, FL 33525  3

             AMERICAN EAGLE

                  14232 7th Street                        1
                Dade City, FL 33523
                  OpEN 7 DAyS 11-5:30
                                                  2      5
             AMERICAN EAGLE                                 3
               ANTIQUES, TOO
               Featuring Fine Antiques
                  14119 7th Street
                Dade City, FL 33523
                   352-521-0390                  DADE CITY
                   OpEN 10-5 MON-SAT                                               This cabinet,
                                                            Primitives to            circa 1890,
                                                            Mid-Century               is called a
                                                            Art, Jewelry,            vitrine. It is
                                                            Clocks,                with ormolu.
                                                            Coins/Military          Vitrine- A vitrine is a glass display cabinet. The name is derived from the
                                               For the RARE, the UNUSUAL, the UNEXPECTED  French word “vitre” which means a pane or panel of glass.
                                            TOP DRAWER ANTIQUES                     Ormolu-  The fancy metal  decoration  on some vitrines  is called  ormolu,
             Late Century Modern Furniture                                        from the French “dorure d’ or molu” meaning gilding with gold paste.  Found
              Decorative Arts & Accessories          14130 7th St.                as mounts or decorative accents on may pieces it is brass, bronze or copper
          11853 Curley St, San Antonio        OPEN: Mon-Sat 10-5 & for Special Events  castings that have been gilded and mounted as decorations on furniture. It was
          6 mi. from Dade City / 11 mi. from Zephyrhills  352-437-4838            first used principally by the French in the 18th century and later used extensively
                   352-588-2001       in Rococo and Neoclassical stylings. In 20th century reproductions it is often
          cast “pot metal” that is then painted with brass or gold paint.
                Proprietor, John C. Herrmann  4                           5
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