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                            Volume 32 No. 6                        FEBRUARY 2019                           TAKE ONE
                         “BE MINE?” The Enduring Appeal of Valentines

        By Donald-Brian Johnson                                                   “borrowed” your lunch money—and that girl
                                                                                  with the braids, who accidentally mushed your
           Here’s a memory-jogger:  it’s Valentine’s Day in mid-twentieth century   favorite Crayola.
        America, and across the country, nearly every elementary school classroom has   Lessons over, the teacher finally
        something in common. Atop each weather-beaten desk sits a “valentine box”.   announced, “you may look at your
        It began life as just another old shoebox, but now, carefully covered in colorful   valentines”. Box covers came off,
        construction paper, and festooned with cutout red hearts, it’s been transformed.    bag tops were unrolled, and each
        (For the less artistically inclined, there were “valentine bags”—grocery sacks,   student eagerly perused his or her
        minus the construction paper, but still sporting an array of drawn or pasted   “take” (after carefully counting them
        hearts.)                                                                  first.) There were generic “to a friend”
           Each receptacle had an opening cut into it, ready to receive its quota of   valentines, with illustrations of romping
        cards—and there was a quota. Everybody gave a valentine, and everybody    cats or puppies. There were funny
        got one. That included the tough kid across the aisle who, every so often,   valentines, with chortle-provoking corny
                                                                                                      puns. There may
                                                                                                       even have been a
                                                                                                       valentine with an
                                                                                                      innocent romantic
                                                                                                    message—one that
                                                                                                      had you looking at   Meow! A single-sheet child’s
                                                                                                       that girl with the   valentine from the 1930s. $5-10.
                                                                                                       braids through
                                                                                                        different eyes.
           It’s only February, but right around the corner is Mother’s Day, Graduations,                    Then, the school bell rang. Your valentines
         Father’s Day and Summer Weddings. Wouldn’t you like to be called the best                       were packed up, brought home, and piled in a box
         Party and Gift giver? Shopping at WALDO ANTIQUE VILLAGE can make that                           of “school papers”, alongside their compatriots
         happen.                                                                                         from previous years. Out of sight, and out of mind.
           For  mom,  you  can  find  Vintage  &  Costume  Jewelry,  Crystal  Stemware,                  Remember?
         Decorative Mirrors and all type of interesting Vases.  For Dad, what about a                      According to legend, the first valentine greeting
         Beer Stein, Sports & War Memorabilia, Antique Fishing Tackle, and all types                    was sent by the man himself:  St. Valentine. (Actually,
         of Collectibles. Now for that Party or Wedding…. you can find Serving Dishes                   there are at least three “St. Valentines”, each
         & Platters of all kinds, beautiful Pedestal Cake plates & Punch bowls with                     clamoring to be recognized as the day’s patron saint,
         matching cups. None of those typical party store pieces. Tables set with things               but here’s the most romantic story:)
         from WALDO ANTIQUE VILLAGE can bring a whole new level of elegance to                           A third-century clergyman, this Valentine was
         your party or bring in that country vibe with Mason jars to hold the flowers.                   imprisoned for performing marriages in defiance
         What about using mismatched cups & saucers as take-home gifts.                                   of Emperor Claudius II, who’d decreed that all
           Stop in to find lots of ideas to make the special event truly memorable!                        men of military age must remain single.
         Waldo Antique Village is located next to the Famous Waldo Farmers & Flea                                                      Continued on Page 2
         Market at 17805 NE US Hwy 301, Waldo. The Mall is open Monday to Friday                           1930s movie star Jean Harlow graced the cover of this
         10am-6pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm. For information or directions                             valentine. The inside message: “Please put no platinum on
         call 352-468-3111 or visit their website at                                     your headie—I think you’re plenty cute already!”  $15-20.

                                     Florida’s Largest Antique Event of the Year!

                                                      1000                         South Florida Fairgrounds              FEBRUARY
                                                                                        9067 Southern Blvd.
                                                VENDORS!                            West Palm Beach, FL 33411                     8-10
              SPECTACULAR                            EARLY BUYERS:  “1st Pick” Friday 9AM-12PM • Admission $25 - Good All 3 Days • GEN. ADMISSION: FRI 12-5PM, SAT 9AM-5PM, SUN 10AM-4:30PM • Admission $10
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