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SEPTEMBER 2020, Volume 34 No. 1                                         Florida’s Best News Source for Vintage-ANTIQUE-Collectibles

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                                                                                     Soothed the Eyes as Well as the Soul

                                                              By Larry LeMasters
                                                                LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                                 Jukeboxes, especially during their heyday years (1938–1948) were designed to soothe the eyes as
                                                              well as the soul. In fact, today’s collectors primarily seek out the most beautiful old jukeboxes that
                                                               depict the charm and romance of the 1930s and ‘40s.
                                                                 The origins of jukeboxes began in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. During this period
                                                               of black cultural growth, all across the south blacks danced to live jazz bands on Saturday
                                                                nights. Bootleg gin and devil dancing soon attracted the attention of pious southern blacks, who
                                                                condemned the small cafes, calling the cafes “juke,” meaning “disorderly” or “wicked.” By the
           Wurlitzer model 1080.  This model was considered “garish”   mid-to-late 1920s, jazz bands were replaced in these dens of sin by jazz records played on the newly
             by most people and only a few of these were ever sold.  invented “nickel-in-the-slot automatic phonograph.” The “box” had come to the jukes, and soon
                                                                                                               thereafter, the jukebox received its name. In
                                                                                                               just a few short years, the jukebox spread
                                                                                                               from Southern black cafes to restaurants,
                                                                             Oviedo Antique Mall               clubs, and roadhouses all across the United
                                                                               Fall Extravaganza               States. The use of jukeboxes “jes grew” until,
                                                                                                               by WWII, approximately 350,000 jukeboxes
                                                                                  Sept. 4th - 7th              existed in the United States, bringing in
                                                                                                               approximately $200 million a year, one nickel
                                                                                                               at a time.
                                                                                                                 While jukeboxes have been continuously
             During the 4 day extravaganza, all 110 dealer booths will be offering fabulous sale pricing - up to 50%   made since the 1920s, it is the ten-year period,
           off storewide. Deep discounts offered on huge new selections of Lladro, Lalique, Baccarat, Fenton and   from 1938 until 1948, that attracts collectors.
           fine china. There will also be a complimentary hot & cold buffet available all 4 days. During the Friday thru   Collectors pay top dollar for jukeboxes
           Monday sale each customer purchasing $30 or more receives a free gift.                              made during these years, especially boxes
             The 12,500 square foot mall is loaded with an ever-changing array of all your favorite antiques and   manufactured by the Wurlitzer Company.
           collectibles. Offered  are coins & paper money, gold, silver & costume jewelry, furniture, primitives, linens,   There were thirteen Wurlitzer jukeboxes
           Lladro, Baccarat, China & Crystal, Lenox, military collectibles, Fiestaware, artwork, advertising collectibles,   manufactured during this era, all with
           antiquarian books, Kitchenalia, LP albums, Longaberger baskets, Disney collectibles, antique toys French   24-record capacity.  Paul Fuller, a Swiss
           milled soaps & lotions, antique & modern cameras, and much more!                                    master designer, designed eleven of these
             Stroll through Oviedo Antique Mall while listening to 1950’s hit music. Onsite watch & clock repair by 40   Wurlitzer jukeboxes, beginning with the 1938
           year veteran watchmaker, as well as complete onsite antique and modern camera repair service.       model.
             Oviedo Antique Mall is located at 95 Geneva Drive in Oviedo, FL. Open Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm,                             Continued on Page 5
           Sunday 12-6pm. For additional information call 407-366-3668.

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                                                                                    9067 Southern Blvd.
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