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                                                                                   Memory Lane Antiques Transitions to Holly Amber Antiques
              We’re Celebrating a Milestone!                                        St. Petersburg, FL— The mid-seventies marked the start of an era in
                                                                                  antiques in St. Petersburg, FL. Susan and Les Claycomb, the proprietors
            This issue  of The Antique Shoppe marks the beginning of              of Holly Amber Antiques and Memory Lane Antiques, would embark on a
                    Our 34th of Service to the Antique Industry...                journey that took a passion and obsession into a wonderful way of life.
                                                                                    Susan Claycomb opened Holly Amber Antiques at her residence on Ninth
                Through the years The Antique Shoppe has grown                    Street, North, in 1974. She named the store after her love affair with Holly
                         from 12 pages with 10 advertisers!                       Amber glass. A few years later, Susan and Les would buy Memory Lane
                                                                                  Antiques farther up on Ninth Street North from Helen Wilson. For 20 years,
          The staff of The Antique Shoppe newspaper would like to take            Memory Lane (honoring Helen Wilson) flourished as one of the top antique
         this time to personally say THANK YOU to each of our advertisers,        destinations in St. Petersburg.
           readers, and website & social media followers who all hold an            2017 would bring about a change of scenery for Memory Lane Antiques, as
             important role in continuing to make The Antique Shoppe              the building on Ninth Street North sold. Susan and Les would move Memory
                                                                                  Lane Antiques to the Skyway Marina Mall in South St. Petersburg. At the
            “The Best Antique & Collectible Newspaper in Florida”                 Skyway Marina Mall, Memory Lane Antiques continued to expand and attract

           We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding our              new customers.
                                                                                    Daughter, Melissa was born into the business, amongst the antiques, and
         newspaper. We would love to hear from our advertisers & readers          is now a personal property, estate, and guardianship appraiser in the State of
           who have been a part of our family from the first issue. A very        Florida.
                special thanks for your support and encouragement.                  Susan Claycomb passed away on April 28, 2020. Les moved the business
                                                                                  and set up inside the Park Street Antique Center, 9401 Bay Pines Blvd.,
              The Antique Shoppe, PO Box 2175, Keystone Heights, FL 32656         across from the VA Hospital, in St. Petersburg. While continuing to expand
                       PH: 352-475-1679 •                 the business, Memory Lane Antiques, has once again become Holly Amber
                                                                                  Antiques to honor his wife Susan. Holly Amber Antiques, inside the Park Street
                                                                                  Antique Center, is open seven days a week.
                                                                                    Les and Melissa thank all their customers dating back to 1974, for their
         Fiddlers Antiques Show Nashville bought by Puchsteins                    business, friendship, well wishes, and hope for the future. In memory of Susan,
        By: Tom O’Hara                                                            Les and Melissa will provide antique shoppers, browsers, and the just plain
                                                                                  curious, the same integrity and quality they enjoyed before.
           Nashville, TN— Kay and Bill Puchstein bought the rights to Fiddlers Antiques   “Holly Amber Antiques….Something for Everybody”.
        Show at the Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. One of the several Americana Country
        antiques shows held at about Valentines Day weekend every year for over 30                                    A Look at Memory Lane thru the years ...
        years. The show’s ownership has changed several times, but now will be run                                       The Original Memory Lane Sign ↓
        by the Puchsteins. Bill and Kay are popular antiques show promoters whose
        experience  includes  owning  and  managing  the  monthly  West  Palm  Beach
        Antiques show, plus several other Florida shows, and a Burton, Ohio summer
           Jon Jenkins, owner and manager of The Nashville Show, the anchor for that
        winter  week  of  antiques  at  the  Nashville  Fairgrounds  said,  “There  couldn’t
        be a better successor than Bill and Kay,…[promoting this show].” Jenkins’ The
        Nashville Show with about 150 exhibitors has been the leader of the week for
        the last two decades.                                                                                        ← A rare photo of Susan, Melissa and Les
           The Fiddlers Show, named for the motel in which it was held for many years                                at the original Memory Lane.
        and founded by Jon’s father, Steve, was a popular venue which fell in its in
        popularity over the last dozen years. This was in part due to the accessibility
                                                      and  conditions  at  that
                                                      former  site.  In  February    The entrance to Memory
                                                      2020, for the first time the   Lane Antiques at Skyway
                                                      show became a companion                      Mall →
                                                      to  The  Nashville  Show  in
                                                      the  adjoining  building  at
                                                      Nashville’s   Fairgrounds.
                                                      With  the  change  in  its
                                                      location,  the  building  sold
                                                      out  of  dealer  spaces  and
                                                      enjoyed   great   success    One of the Memory Lane’s
                                                      with the shoppers, as easy     outdoor markets ↓
         Bill and Kay Puchstein are the new owners/promoters of   access,  parking  and  the
           Fiddlers at The Fairgrounds, held as a companion to
               The Nashville Show in February each year   additional  show  on  the
                                                      same grounds.
           Kay  plans  to  fill  the  hall  with  about  100  exhibitors,  selling  Country  and
        Americana. “My heart is in Country Antiques and Nashville has been the Mecca
        for shows with that focus for now about 40 years. Bill and I have exhibited there
        for at least 31 years now, as long as we’ve been married.” They will fill the show
        with Country and Americana dealers, February 17-20, 2021.
           Kay and Bill have already begun telling exhibitors about their new ownership
        of  Fiddlers  at  The  Fairgrounds,  Nashville,  TN  for  2021  with  the  reactions
        universally positive. For more information contact them at 740-998-5300 or
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