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        UNCLE SAM                                                                 folks of all ages, he was synonymous   Perhaps the best was Lounsbury
        Continued from Page 1                                                     with the 4th of July, a fact not easily   Company’s unnumbered set, first
                                                                                  overlooked by firms like Nash,       sold in 1907. This group of four
           Uncle Sam’s greatest popularity                                        Lounsbury and Ullman. Of the         different features Uncle Sam on
        came during the last fifty years of                                       hundreds of different Independence   each. He is depicted holding a furled
        the 19th century. Famous political                                        Day postcards printed for the holiday   flag, watching children boisterously
        cartoonist Thomas Nast was the first                                      between 1904 and 1918, more          celebrating, being driven by Teddy
        illustrator to use Uncle Sam on a                                         than one-third have Uncle Sam as     Roosevelt in a flag-draped auto, and
        regular basis in editorial drawings.                                      part of the picture. Many times, he   seated in a high chair while children
        The many he did for Harper’s Weekly                                       dominated the scene.                 representing our “colonies” - Hawaii,
        in the years after the Civil War                                                                               Guam, Cuba and Puerto Rico - swarm
        helped to fix the image of the sparse-                                                                         around him with firecrackers and flags.
        framed cartoon patriot in the public’s                                     Vigorous celebration of the holiday by   Series J-8 by Nash is also a fine
                                                                                      Uncle Sam and friend Postcard
        mind.                                                                         (1906-1910) by Santaway Co. ↓    offering. In this embossed, vertical
           Also, circus clown Dan Rice                                                                                 set of six, one of the patriotic figures
        made an important contribution. For                                                                            inside the red, white and blue border
        several decades he dressed up as                                                                               is Uncle Sam.
        Uncle Sam for his act and talked to                                                                              Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis
        the audience in his own unique style                                                                           couldn’t get enough of the top-
        of cracker barrel humor.                                                                                       hatted, cigar-smoking gent.
           The last touches upon the image                                                                               Their Series 2099 of six cards
        of Uncle Sam came from the            ↑ One of many postcards for the 4th of                                   portray Uncle Sam five times;
        prolific and talented pen of James    July published by Nash Co. in the years                                  similarly, Series 2172, also of six
        Montgomery Flagg, a legendary              leading up to World War I.                                          cards, used him three times.
        whose career spanned the first three                                                                             Numerous other publishers
        decades of the 20th century. It was   popularity, manufacturers, publishers,                                   employed Uncle Sam, including
        his now famous poster of a very      and the business community jumped                                         Osborn, Santaway and Paul
        stern-looking Uncle Sam staring into   aboard the band wagon. Soon there                                       Finkenrath of Berlin (Series 8252).
        the eyes of the nation’s young men   were all sorts of novelties and                                           Several anonymous publishers
        and telling them   I Want You for    playthings.                                                               contributed some fine cards, as well.
        the U.S. Army” that once and for all   Including a seemingly endless                                             Besides the 4th of July, a few of
        fixed the old gent into the minds of   flow of souvenir postcards.                                             our other favorite holidays became
        most Americans.                        Publishers, large and small, were                                       roosting places of Uncle Sam.
           As Uncle Sam began gaining        quick to adopt Uncle Sam as an
                                             important symbol of the nation. With                                                            Continued >

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