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July, 2018          The Antique Shoppe          Page 3
           Thanksgiving, leads the parade,   doing in the nasty Axis powers.
        where he is seen with an eagle or      A dozen “Slam the Axis," "Slap
        turkey Santaway and A&S, along       the Jap," and other patriotic sets          ADVERTISING
        with a few unidentified publishers,   intended to boost home front morale
        did a nice job in this category.     were also printed from 1940 to 1944,           DEADLINE
           America’s favorite Uncle is       many of them portraying a tough
        likewise seen on a few rare Christmas   Uncle Sam doing in   Mussolini,            IS JULY 26!
        cards helping Santa in one way or    Hitler and Hirohito. Two important
        the other. As well as on some. St.   publishers of these were Robbins &       Distribution Begins in September
        Patrick’s Day issues.                Co. and Graphic Postcard Co. Many
           But strangely, he was never       were issued as black-and-whites.
        portrayed on cards for Memorial Day    Uncle Sam has been an
        or Lincoln’s Birthday and only rarely   indispensable part of every 4th
        on Washington’s Birthday, notably by   of July celebration since the final
        H. B. Griggs for                                     decades of the 19th
        L&E, Co.                                             century. Luckily
           War has always                                    for us collectors,      Antiques & Art Around Florida is considered by many to be the
        brought out Uncle                                    the picture postcard     “Bible to Florida Antiquing” in the industry. Your ad placed
        Sam to do his                                        has captured him           in Antiques & Art Around Florida will reach thousands of
        duty for postcard                                    forever during           customers for an entire year! This will be our 52nd issue and
        publishers. Both                                     it century-plus         as always, it promises to bring many exciting new articles and
        World Wars                                           years of existence      the features that keep our readers returning year after year!
        inspired many                                        and offers us
        sets, most of them                                   a wondrous                 Each issue is chock full of:
        anti-German                                          panorama of                     *Advertisers — Including Shops, Shows and Auctioneers
        propaganda. A                                        America’s favorite              *Fresh Editorial
        favorite among                                       Uncle at work and               *Museum Information
                                                                                             *Locator maps
        collectors-is an                                     play.                           *Our yearly Antique Show calendar
        untitled comic
        strip style set                                      ← America's patriotic           Call TODAY for Details and information on placing an ad in
        showing him,                                         icon with Thomas                ANTIQUES & ART AROUND FLORIDA
        John Bull and                                        Jefferson and the
                                                             Declaration of
        representatives of                                   Independence. Early              352-475-1336 • WWW.AARF.COM
        our other Allies                                     20th-century postcard.

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                                      Members                                                                                      Voted
                                                                                                                               “Best Antiquing
                                                                  “Come Spend the Day With US”                                 Town in Florida”
                                                                 20 ANTIQUE SHOPS IN 3 BLOCKS                                 By Florida Monthly
            Bizarre Bazaar ........................863-456-5608                                                                  Magazine
            Miss Pearl’s Place ...................863-494-0232
            Corey’s Antiques ...................863-494-5959                    MONROE   ST  @
            Maddy’s Antiques ..................863-494-2500      ORANGE   AVE           OAK STREET    POLK    AVE  DESOTO   AVE
            Yellow Brick Road ..................863-993-3000

             MADDY'S ANTIQUES                        Antique Association                                                Proprietors Dale & Sharon
                                                                                                                         NOW OPEN IN OUR
                  121 W. Oak St.                             of Arcadia                                              NEW - LARGER LOCATION!

                     863-494-2500                                             YELLOW BRICK ROAD

                      Specializing in:                                                                                Antiques & Collectibles
                    Country, Primitives,                   MONTHLY                                                    120 W. Oak Street
                       Vintage Sports                  ANTIQUE FAIR                                                   Arcadia, FL 34266
                                                     (Every 4th Sat 8am-3pm)
               Thur. & Fri. 12-4, Sat. 10-4 or by appt.  JULY 28 • AUG 25                2ND SATURDAY                    863-993-3000
                                                                                         BARGAIN DAYS
                      View our store at:             Booth Info 863-993-5105                July 14              ALWAYS BUYING
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