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July, 2018          The Antique Shoppe          Page 9
                                                  Elegant, vintage Borne leather
                                                   settee from an Italian hotel.
                                                  This piece is valued at $3,600.

                                                                                     Dade City & San Antonio

                      Borne Settee                                                                                                  Meridian Ave

        By Larry LeMasters                                                                                           DADE CITY
        LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                                                                                   52                   Clinton Ave
           Borne settees are known by many names,
        including couch, sofa, chesterfield, settee,                                                        4
        or conversation seats or sofas. Borne                                                            577            579
        settees are circular, upholstered Victorian                                                             579A
        ottoman-type sofas with three or                                                                                             Ft. King Hwy.  301  98
        four seat divisions and a central                                                75
        division providing a backrest for                                                                                                  39
        all of the seats.  Borne settees were
        called conversation seats or sofas                                         Park your car in the treeshaded city lots and stroll
        because they were often found in
        hotel lobbies where guests could                                           among our antique and collectible shops. Enjoy our
        sit and chat with other guests.
        Depending on the exact style,       Circular Borne Settee with four seat         small town charms. We’d love to have you!
        three or four people could have   divisions.  This Victorian piece models a                                   ZEPHYRHILLS
        a tete a tete (social conversation)   high Napoleon III style.  Note the urn on    Celebrating
        without getting too familiar with           the center piece.                       20    Antiques               54          5th Ave.
        each other.                                                         To Tampa       YEARS!  on the
                                                           The Borne settee                MAin street                                  Gall Blvd.
                                                         rose to popularity                                                        1
                                                         during Napoleon III’s                                                        41          39
                                                         period (noted for its                     Specializing
                                                         Renaissance Revival                        Primitives                      301
                                                         styling) in France                                                 2                      To Plant City
                                                         (roughly 1852-1870).                                                   To Tampa  3
                                                         Victorians enjoyed
                                                         Borne seating since              Peggy Capps, Proprietor
                                                         it allowed even lower            (352) 523-0999
                                                         class people the
                                                         opportunity to pretend            14122 7th STREET                DADE CITY
         Unusual 19th century upholstered our-part Borne   to be aristocratic and         DADE CITY, FL 33525  3
          Settee that is valued at $5,800.  This settee has   aloof.
          locking parts that can be separated so that the   Victorians would           AMERICAN EAGLE
         settee can be used as separate seating elements.  often sit on Borne
                                                         settees in lobbies,                ANTIQUES
        with people they knew, and pretend to plan a tryst under the pretense of            14232 7th Street
        unfamiliarity. This was Victorian fun.                                            Dade City, FL 33523
           Today, decorators still place Borne settees into some upscale hotel lobbies,       352-521-3361
        formal business lobbies, and million dollar homes.                                  OpEN 7 DAyS 11-5:30
           While the words Borne “sofa” and “settee” were generally used in
        England, Americans preferred the word Borne “couch.” The word couch            AMERICAN EAGLE                    Late Century Modern Furniture
        comes from the French word couche, which means “to lie down.” Couch              ANTIQUES, TOO                    Decorative Arts & Accessories
        originally meant piece of furniture for lying or sleeping on, but by the late
        Victorian era, couch became the common American name for sofas.                  Featuring Fine Antiques      11853 Curley St, San Antonio
                                                                                                                       6 mi. from Dade City / 11 mi. from Zephyrhills
           Original Borne settees are often found recovered, but that is not a bad          14119 7th Street                   352-588-2001
        thing since they are furniture pieces designed to be showy, not dirty, torn,      Dade City, FL 33523   
        and falling apart. Expect to pay $5,000 or more for a fully refinished,              352-521-0390                   Proprietor, John C. Herrmann  4
        reupholstered Borne settee. Then sit like you are Napoleon.                         OpEN 10-5 MON-SAT
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