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                POSTCARDS                                                                                    Other  types,  though  a  bit  hard  to  find,  are

        Continued from Page 1                                                                              mechanicals and novelties. Thanksgiving Day is not
           Shortly after the turn of the century and during the years leading up                           a holiday normally thought of as having such card
        to World War I, the exchanging of Thanksgiving Day greeting postcards                              themes, but surprisingly some were published.
        became a popular custom. Along with the turkey dinner, and a morning                                 The  most common  novelty  are postcards with
        of football, such postcards played an important role in the day’s customs                          attached objects, usually a pilgrim man or women
        and celebration.  Dozens of publishers, large and small, local and                                 or a turkey. Brass and simulated silver, the objects
        national in scope, competed vigorously for the public’s attention and                              are attached to postcards made from a variety  of
        pocketbook.                                                                                        materials. Besides the usual card stock, they include
           One major way these many companies battled was by filling card                                  ersatz gold foil, silk plush, and wood. Some cards
        racks with unique postcards - all sorts of novelties, mechanicals and                              are also lightly or heavily airbrushed or embossed.
        oddities. They were good sellers then - and today are of great interest to                           A few of the attached objects appear to belong
        collectors.                                                                                        to the scene, indicating  that the application  was
           Thanksgiving Day postcards, in general, have long been collectable                              planned by the publisher and was probably done
        not only for their holiday significance but because many are patriotic,                            in the art department or at home by piece workers.
        historical, or boast of interesting artwork.                                                       Other cards, the majority, are clearly the endeavor of
           Some  are  enhanced  by the  presence  of Uncle  Sam,  the American                             jobbers or retailers trying to make an otherwise slow
        eagle, or “Old Glory. In abundant supply and relatively lower priced                               moving or unsalable  Thanksgiving Day postcard
        than    most    other                                                                              more  appealing to customers. All attached  object
        holiday    greetings,                                                                              postcards apparently  predate  1910 and rarely, if
        they  offer  collectors                                                          John Winsch Co.     ever, is the publisher identified.
        an interesting  and                                                              design (publisher not   Also of interest are real feather Thanksgiving
        exciting topic.                                                                  identified) used for a   Day post cards.  An illustration with a large
           Looking beyond all                                                            mechanical. The die—  turkey  is improved  upon by the  application
                                                                                         cut scene of the sitting
        those  turkeys,  which                                                           Indian woman amidst   of small or large amounts of real chicken  (?)
        seemingly  dominated,                                                            the fall vegetable   feathers. Again, the publishers of these cards tend
        many         different                                                           medley pulls out to   to  remain  unknown. Real  feather  postcards,  in
        themes emerge. These                                                             stand up and create a   general, are plentiful enough, especially of birds
        include signed artists,                                                          multi—layer effect.   and ostriches, but those showcasing turkeys on
        quality    publishers                                                            Turkey with real    holiday postcards are few and far between.
        like  John Winsch,                                                               feathers.             Backgrounds, usually sketchy and poorly
        blacks, humor, and                                                               (Unknown publisher)  drawn, are usually barnyards and wooded areas.
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