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November, 2017          The Antique Shoppe          Page 5
                19  Century Toy Fire Truck Valued at $39,000!

        by Larry LeMasters

        LeMasters’ Antique News Service

          I don’t often cover collectibles that sell                                        If that amount seems extraordinary, consider the fact that
        at auction, but as 19  century toys go,                                         the toy was missing several parts—driver’s left arm, part of
        this toy fire pumper was exceptional.                                                                          one foot, right front leg of one
        It recently sold at auction (Cordier’s                                                                           horse, missing side lever, and
        Winter Antique & Fine Art                                                                                               harnesses in varied
        Auction, Harrisburg, PA), and                                                                                            states of repair and
        out of 487 lots, this was the                                                                                           missing parts.  In short,
        only toy offered for sale.  Both                                                                                      this was far from mint
        auctioneers and collectors                                                                                         condition,
        considered this beauty more of                                                                              but, as collectors
        a work of art than a toy.                                                                                know, not only is
             The fire pumper was made of                                              perfect condition on a 125+ year old toy
        tinplate with a rubber hose and                                           rare, there are some toys that are so rare themselves
        blue, wooden spoke wheels.  The wheels supported a red frame and          that they are worth owning regardless of
        vertical boiler.                                                          condition.
              This toy is one of the most detailed fire pumpers I have ever seen.         It is toys like this that keep me looking into
        Besides a uniformed driver, there is a figurative spread-winged brass     box lots at small town auctions, estate sales,
        eagle sitting atop the brass pump tubing.  A trotting, matched team of    and even flea markets.
        dappled grey horses pulled the pumper.                                      Sometimes the itch you have doesn’t come
             Pre-auction estimates of only $3-5,000 quickly disappeared.  The     from the fleas, it comes from burning desire
        pumper opened at $1,500 and quickly rose like crackling flames, finally   for the treasures you find.
        selling for the unheard of price of $38,940.  This pumper measured
        21 inches long, making it between 1/12  and 1/16  scaled (more or
        less).  It sold along with a wood and glass, decorative display case for      19  century toy fire pumper that recently sold,
        $38,940.                                                                               in fair condition, for nearly $39,000!
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