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Page 2          The Antique Shoppe             April, 2018
           Questions &                                                            those were Charles Limbert whose         Zula's Antiques on
                                                                                  company, the Charles P. Limbert Co.
                                                                                                                            Terra Ceia Island
                                                                                  in Grand Rapids, became a mainstay
           Common Sense Answers                                                   in the Mission furniture period and      Celebrates 13 Year
                                                                                  A. W. Hompe who became president
                                                                                  of the Macey Co. and was an original         Anniversary
                                        with Fred Taylor                          stockholder in Metal Office Furniture   “Spring is Here”
                                                                                  Company,  predecessor  of  today’s
                                                                                  Steelcase, Inc.                                  Affair
                I found an old style very small   in the Georgia Piedmont. Toccoa is   During the 1890s the Colby
        Q. desk with a chair. The seat of    the current home of Habersham.       factory employed more than 100           Terra Ceia— Zula's
        the chair is very small and has carvings                                  workers. Colby was joined by his      Antiques on Terra Ceia Island
        on the backrest. It appears to be all                                     sons  Henry C.  and  Edward  in  1881.   is celebrating its 13-year
        wood. It has a stamp (more like it          I have been searching for     By  1913  all  three  Colby’s  were
        was burned in) on the bottom of the  Q. information  about  furniture     deceased and the company was sold     Anniversary with its annual
        chair.  It  says  Habersham  Plantation,   I  have  with  a  plate  (tag)  that  says,   to  the  Babson  brothers  and  Adam   “Spring is Here” antique sale,
        Larkesville GA. I have tried to research   “Colby’s   Handmade   Furniture,   Crawford who became president.    throughout April.  Everything in
        this on the Internet and have found   Founded  in  1866”.  So  far,  I  haven’t   The company closed the furniture   the store, all furniture, pottery,
        information on Habersham, but could   found anything. Have you heard of   factory in the 1920s and survived as   artwork and unique antiques is
        not find any on Larkesville, GA. If you   that company?    -Thanks Betty   John  A.  Colby  &  Sons  until  the  mid
        know anything on this stamp and how         Betty - The “founded in 1866”   1940s when the name was changed     25% off!
        I could find out more information w/o   A. part of the label may be a     to Colby’s. The company by then was      Zula’s Antiques is open
        sending a picture please let me know.   stretch of the truth. John A. Colby &   a general merchandise department   Tuesday through Saturday, 10
                       Thanks, Nicole.       Sons was a spin off of a partnership   store selling furniture made by other   am-5 pm and is located 6441
               Nicole  -  As  I  am  sure  you   between Colby and Jacob Wirts    companies but privately labeled as    US Highway 19. Call 941-729-
        A. have found out; Habersham         formed in Chicago in 1869. It was a   “Colby’s”.  You  can  find  more  about   9500 for more information. Just
        Plantation is a design firm and furniture   furniture factory and auction house.   Colby and the Chicago industry in   a stone’s throw south of the
        maker in Georgia. The company was    Colby bought out Wirts in 1879. Colby   general in the excellent book by
        started  in  1972  in  Clarkesville,  GA.   was an early leader in the Chicago   Sharon Darling “Chicago Furniture   Skyway Bridge, Zula's Antiques
        Here is the history of the company.   furniture industry providing complete   -  Art,  Craft  &  Industry  1833-1983”.   has a quaint charm that buyers     design services for his clients. He also   If you can send me some photos of   find simply irresistible!
        about  the town  you  are looking for   hired and trained many designers and   your furniture I may be able to help
        is  Clarkesville,  GA,  not  Larkesville.   furniture makers who would become   you with style, wood, age etc.
        Clarkesville is right next to Toccoa, GA   famous  after  his  training.  Among        Continued on Page 11

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