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                                   APRIL 2018 • Volume 31 No. 8

                                         Roly Poly Tobacco Tin

        By Larry LeMasters
        LeMasters’ Antique News Service

           No one knows when humans first began to smoke tobacco. The practice was   Roly  Poly  tobacco  tins  consist  of  six
        well in use by Native Americans by the time Columbus stumbled onto America.     little  people,  known  to  collectors  as  “Roly
        But  from  1492  until  approximately  1875,  tobacco  lovers  had  problems  with   Polys,”  that  were  the  brainchildren  of  the
        keeping tobacco fresh.                                                    Tin  Decorating  Company  (Tindeco)  that  was
           In the mid-1870s, offset lithography developed and an effective way to print   located on Baltimore’s waterfront and employed
        on tin was born. This ability to print images on tin canisters quickly became   as  many  as  1,200  workers.  During  its  time,
        important to tobacco companies who depended on sealable tin containers to keep   Tindeco was the largest tin decorating plant in
        their wares fresh, restricting the drying out of the tobacco.             the world. Tindeco produced as many as four  1912 Dixie Queen “Dutchman”
           Tobacco tins were manufactured in limited shapes and styles, and the style   million tins a day including one million 10¢   Roly Poly tobacco tin.
        that is the most fun and popular to collect is Roly Poly tobacco tins.    tobacco tins, which included Roly Polys.           Continued on Page 12

                   Gaslight Antiques is Celebrating 40 years!                                    Northern Pinellas County Treasure
                                                                                      Imagine  a  16,000  square  foot  store  with
                                                       GASLIGHT ANTIQUES           coordinated vignettes offering a curated mix of
                                                       3616 Henderson Blvd.        new, antique & vintage and repurposed furniture,   STARBOARD HOME
                                                       (2 blocks east of Dale Mabry)   gifts  and  decor.    Starboard  Home  is  a  such  a   31003 US Hwy 19 N
                                                                                   place.  Store selections, individual consignments
                                                          Tampa, FL 33609          and unique items from local artists and artisans   Palm Harbor, FL 34684
                                                           813-870-0934            provide the customer with ever-changing variety.   727-888-3320
                                                           Open Mon-Sat            The  store  accommodates  everything  from    Open Mon-Sat 10-7
                                                           10:30am-4pm             complete furniture sets to miniature collectibles;   Sun 12-5
                                                       www.gaslightantiquescom     all  in  an  easily  accessible,  customer-friendly
                                                                                   environment.  Items  are  showcased  by  style,         or
            Serving the greater Tampa area with antiques for 40 years, the mission at   with areas devoted to antique & vintage, mid-
         Gaslight Antiques is to provide the present with mint condition antiques from   century,  coastal,  industrial  and  contemporary.   mystarboardhome
         the past. Owners, David & Vickie Schutt offer half a city block of antiques to bring   Wear  comfortable  shoes  and  allow  time  to
                                                                                   explore, as Starboard Home is not a quick stop,
         a wide variety of antiques, most dating from the early 19th through early 20th   but a destination.
         century. Gaslight offers pieces for every decorating style; specializing in Office
         Furnishings, Home Furnishings & Lighting. You will find fine antique furnishings
         such as dining room suites, tables of every size, chandeliers & lamps, one of
         kinds, chairs, carved desks & bookcases, buffets, antique stained glass and much
         more. They also offers interior decorating services.
            David and Vickie would like to thank everyone for their patronage and invite
         them to return to celebrate 40 years of service to Tampa. For more information
         call or visit their website.

                                              Florida’s Largest Monthly Antique Event!

                                                       300                     South Florida Fairgrounds                     APRIL
                                                                                    9067 Southern Blvd.
                                                VENDORS                         West Palm Beach, FL 33411                       6-8

                                                  EARLY BUYERS:  “1st Pick” Friday 9AM-12PM • Admission $25 - Good All 3 Days • GEN. ADMISSION: FRI 12-5PM, SAT 9AM-5PM, SUN 10AM-4:30PM • Admission $8
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