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                The Civil War Collector                                              Dade City & San Antonio
                John Sexton

                                                                                                                                    Meridian Ave
                I found this canteen in a house clean out. The family has no history
        Q. of it. I'm sure this is a piece of lead in it, and it protrudes to the                                    DADE CITY
                                             inside, shrapnel? A magnet does not
                                             stick to it. What do you think? What
                                             value might it have?                                                  52                   Clinton Ave
                                             JS: The canteen is Confederate, made                           4
                                             of cedar wood. The lead is probably a                                      579
                                             plug. The value is $1,200-$1,500 retail.                    577
                                                        Caption: A Confederate                                  579A                 Ft. King Hwy.  301
                                                        Canteen $1,200-$1,500.                                                                  98

               I seem to have an old Bowie knife stamped with “FEETHAM London” on the                                         20    Antiques
        Q. blade. Have you ever heard of this maker?                                      Park your car in the               YEARS!   on the
                                                                                        treeshaded city lots and             MAin street

                                                                                        stroll among our antique      ZEPHYRHILLS
        JS: This looks like a neat old "primitive" knife.                                                                            5th Ave.
        I'm sure the stag handle was added in America and is                To Tampa     and collectible shops.          54            Primitives
        typical of some mid-19th century knives known and
        pictured in several references; Gordon Minnis’ American                                  Enjoy our                              Gall Blvd.
        Primitive Knives 1770-1870 is among the best texts.
        The blade could have been made from a reused piece of a  Primitive knife with a stag   small town charms.
        steel tool or something else with the maker's mark retained.  handle (if original)                                            41          39
        We see this occasionally when saw blades, files or rasps made  $300 to $1,000.                                      Peggy Capps, Proprietor
        into knives still show a partial toolmaker’s mark. The blade grind is not reminiscent   We’d love to have you!       (352) 523-0999
                                                                                                                                To Tampa
        of London cutlers of the late Victorian Era when many London-made knives appear. A                                                         To Plant City
        quick search finds William Feetham as a London iron monger in the early 19th century,                                14122 7th STREET
        though I am unaware of any products he made. It is possible that this was his mark,                                 DADE CITY, FL 33525  3
        but this is only a guess. I have seen a good many "unknown" markings on primitive
        and Confederate-made knives where the marks, in my opinion, were already on the
        metal utilized in making the knife. Similar knives bring a very wide range of prices,   AMERICAN EAGLE
        but if the knife’s stag handle is original to manufacture and not more recently added,
        similar unattributed knives sell for a few hundred to about $1,000 on the high side.   ANTIQUES

                Could you give me an appraisal for a lapel pin that reads, “43rd Virginia   14232 7th Street                       1
        Q. Cavalry CSA Mosbeys men.” It has two gold, crossed Colt 45s and a              Dade City, FL 33523
        Confederate flag on pearl. It is a small hat or lapel pin from a Mosby’s ranger handed   352-521-3361
        down through the family of 2nd Sgt James Wrenn. I had a cousin 2nd Sgt. James
        Wrenn and his brother Lt. Albert Wrenn, both of B Company. I also have a 6-inch     OpEN 7 DAyS 11-5:30
        diameter bronze Confederate Seal, and a sterling silver calling card case with half the                             2      5
        capitol dome. Sgt. James Wrenn’s initials are on the match safe which is also sterling   AMERICAN EAGLE                       3
        silver. Please give me an appraisal.                                             ANTIQUES, TOO
        JS: This is an interesting shadowbox. The identity to a Mosby ranger will help it,
        also. The small gold and enamel lapel pin dates to about 1890 and was for veterans   Featuring Fine Antiques
        of Mosby's Cavalry Corps, a famous Confederate unit. These pins are rare and once   14119 7th Street
        sold for well over $1,000 uninscribed., which sells badges, has   Dade City, FL 33523
        a recent, identical lapel pin listed that sold for $600. The Confederate seal appears   352-521-0390               DADE CITY
        to be an electrotype copy made after the Civil War from the original and sold for the   OpEN 10-5 MON-SAT
        benefit of Confederate widows and orphans. Originally, they were in a hinged case
        made of wood and paper veneer like those for hard photographs of the era. They
        came in brass, silver and gold plate. The plated examples bring a premium in original                                         Primitives to
        cases. This example still has a bezel and mount for a case. If removed, you can see                                           Mid-Century
        it was a thin, fragile sheet of glass that the bezel mount protected for the last 125
        years. The seal alone in today’s market will sell for $500 or more. The entire frame                                          Art, Jewelry,
        of general-line antique objects, like the sterling match safes                                                                Clocks,
        and miniature image of a post-war soldier, should have a presale
        estimate in auction of $800-$1,200 in my opinion. A dealer would                                                              Furniture,
        probably pay $1,000 or so for this framed grouping if you took it                                                             Coins/Military
        to a Civil War trade show.
                                     Shown: A Confederate seal, $500.                                                    For the RARE, the UNUSUAL, the UNEXPECTED
                                                                                      Late Century Modern Furniture   TOP DRAWER ANTIQUES
        John Sexton is an independent appraiser                                         Decorative Arts & Accessories         14130 7th St.
        and  expert of Civil  War  memorabilia.                                                                         OPEN: Mon-Sat 10-5 & for Special Events
        He is an accredited member of various                                       11853 Curley St, San Antonio
        appraiser  organizations.  He  can  be                                      6 mi. from Dade City / 11 mi. from Zephyrhills  352-437-4838
        contacted at                                                 352-588-2001        
        or 770-329-4984.                                                                                     
        For a free appraisal of a Civil War item,                                                                 4
        email  a  photo  and  a  description  to                                          Proprietor, John C. Herrmann                              5          Civil War items inside a shadowbox of, $800-$1,200.
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