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Page 2          The Antique Shoppe             January, 2018
                                                                                  on today’s secondary
                                                                                  market.  A Fantasia
                                                                                  elephant, produced by
                                                                                  Vernon Kilns in
                                                                                  1940, is valued
                                                                                  at $300. And,
                                                                                  while it isn’t a figurine,
                                                                                  a Walt Disney’s
                                                                                  Fantasia planter,
                                                                                  produced by Vernon
                                                                                  Kilns in 1940, sells for $500                     Walt Disney “Ostrich”
                                                                                  today, making Vernon Kilns pieces                 figurine produced by
                                                                                  good investments.                                   Vernon Kilns in 1940.
                                                                                                                                       This figurine from
                                                                                                                                       the movie
                                                                                                                                      is valued at $550.
               90 piece set of Vernon Kilns “Organdie” dinnerware from the 1950s or
                           early 1960s.  This set is valued at $1,100.                                             In 1958, due to mounting labor costs and
        Vernon Kilns                            Artist Janice Pettee’s Vernon Kiln                              foreign competition, Vernon Kilns closed

        Continued from Page 2                figurines are also highly sought after.                             its doors for good.  Metlox Manufacturing
                                                                                                                 Company of Manhattan Beach, California,
                                             Pettee sculpted a series of celebrity                                purchased Vernon Kilns remaining patterns
        One notable Vernon Kilns dinnerware   figurines that included the likenesses                              and molds and continued producing
        artist was Rockwell Kent, designer   of Paulette Goddard, Anne Shirley,                                     Vernon Kilns pottery items for a number
        of three Vernon Kilns dinnerware     Bette Davis, Gary Cooper, Dorothy                                         of years.
        sets—“Salamina,” “Moby Dick,” and    Lamour, and many others.
        “Our America.”                          In 1940 Vernon Kilns signed a
           Don’t expect any of Vernon’s      contract with Walt Disney to produce
        dinnerware to be cheaply priced.     Disney figurines based on the Disney                                                 “Dumbo” The Flying
        A seven piece Vernon Kilns “Lei      films Fantasia, Dumbo, and The                                                    Elephant, lying on his ear,
        Lani” pitcher set, a pitcher and six   Reluctant Dragon. A Walt Disney                                                was made by Vernon Kilns in
        matching tumblers, sells for $1,485.   “Baby Weems” figurine, produced                                                  1940 for Disney Studios.
        This set is signed “Aloha Don        by Vernon Kilns in 1941, from                                                             It is valued at $125.
        Blanding.”                           The Reluctant Dragon costs $425

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