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                         The Old Morgantown Glass Company

        By: Leora Leasure

           In the world of Glass Companies America                                  In  1903  they  reorganized  and  became  “The  Economy  Tumbler
        had many stars. Many books have been                                      Company”. Operating under the General Manager, George W. Fry, they
        written  concerning  these  companies                                     dropped the pressed products and concentrated on the blown stemware,
        and their wares. Collectors clubs were                                    tumblers and general barware lines.
        formed and  in  many  cases museums                                         In 1909 Mr. Wilbur E. Hunter replaced Mr. Fry and continued to be
        followed to preserve the history of the                                            in charge until 1923. Mr. Hunter rebuilt and improved nearly
        company, it’s workers and the beautiful                                                    the  entire  plant  between  1917  and  1919.  These
        glass they produced.                                                                         changes made it possible for the company to enter
           One of  these companies  was                                                               an  extremely  new  field  of  glassmaking;  the  mass
        located  in  Morgantown,  West                                                                production of colored glass for the home along with
        Virginia. This company was known                                                              the commercial and institutional trade. This started
        as  the  “Morgantown  glass  Company”.                                                        an upturn in the company and an interest from new
        The  company  went  through  several                                                             customers.
        transformations and name changes in it’s                                                                 The company entered 1920 by bringing
        life time. When referring to this company                                                          another man from the Fry Glass Company, by
        it is generically known as the Morgantown                                                           the name of Joseph E. Haden. Mr. Haden and
        Glass  Company.  But  let’s  go  back  to  the                                                      along with the help of Mr. Hunter developed
        beginning.                                                                                              many  color  and  design  innovations
           In 1899, Frank Bannister, who was a well-known name in the                                                which they introduced at the 1922
        glass business, along with a group of Morgantown businessmen                                                     Pittsburgh Glass Exhibit.
        led by Dr. David H. Courtney founded a company by the name of                                                              Continued on Page 23
        the “Morgantown Glass Works”.
           The company at this time produced a general line of blown                                                      Shown Center:
        tumblers,  pressed tableware  and  pressed tumblers. All wares                                                    Top-Trindle basket
        were in crystal with some having a light stencil etch. The company                                                Center-Electra vase
        catered their products  to Hotels, Restaurants, Rail  Road  lines,                                                Bottom: Bethann covered
        Steamship lines etc.                                                                                               candy box.

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