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Page 6          The Antique Shoppe             November, 2018
                                        Mention the                               JUNK DOG PRESENTS NEW VINTAGE MARKETS IN  PORT ST. LUCIE
                                                                                    Port St. Lucie— It’s a family affair. Longtime pickers and show dealers Laura and Paul
                            Antique Shoppe Newspaper                              Cirillo have been working to establish their area as a “go-to” place for trendy vintage

                                   to our advertisers,                            décor, artisan and re-purposed items. Six years ago, they established Junk Dog Salvage
                            they make it FREE for you!                            in nearby Stuart – now they are bringing the FIRST dealer “Vintage Market” to the Port
                                                                                  St. Lucie Convention Center – a Holiday show November 30-December 1, and a follow-
                                                       -Thanks                    up next February 22-23.
                                                                                    “More  people  are  moving  to  the  county  and  are  looking  to  decorate  their  new
                                                                                  homes,” Laura said. “We wanted to bring our experiences local to the Treasure Coast

         A                         Would You Like To Be An                        with  beautiful  vintage  décor  from  local  talent  and  afar  --  to  create  annual  shows
                                                                                  unique to our area.” For example, in the holiday show the local garden center will stock
         P    Institute of   Antique Appraiser or Dealer?                         poinsettias and greenery which the “Junk Dog Hunks” – the Cirillo sons and their pals
                                                                                  – will help buyers load their cars with these and other purchases from the show. Local
         P     Antiques      Pleasure home study course that offers tremendous financial & personal rewards.  movers will also be available for large items.
                             Since 1966, The Asheford Institute of Antiques has been providing a Profit and
         R                         CERTIFIED APPRAISAL PROGRAM                      This  is  a  first  for  the  new  Port  St.  Lucie
         A     You Can:                               For a FREE booklet mail coupon to:  Convention  Center  as  well.  The  indoor  air-
                                                                                  conditioned  Emerald  Ballroom  and  adjoining
         I     • Become a Certified Appraiser               ASHEFORD              Art Gallery will have the dealer booths; there is
               • Start your own business from your home
         S  C  • Learn to sell & appraise online      INSTITUTE OF ANTIQUE        plenty of free parking - a 6-story parking garage
                                                           981 Harbor Blvd.,
                                                                                  as well as outdoor visitor lot parking and trailer
         A O   • Choose the hours you wish to work      Ste. 3, Dept. 275WQ152    parking for vendors. The Center hosts a popular
               • Become an “antique interior designer”
                                                         Destin, FL 32541-2525
         L  U  • Complete a professional-level Course with a Diploma  or call: 1-877-444-4508  food Café and outdoors, there’s a fountain park
                            ASK HOW ... HERE!
                                                                                  where kids can run and let off steam. Tickets at
           R   NAME  _______________________________________________________________  the door; children 12 and under free.
           S   ADDRESS  ___________________________________________________________  For  vendor  and  visitor  information  call  772-
               CITY  ______________________STATE ______________ ZIP __________________
           E                                            210-2753, email: junkdogvintagemarket@gmail.
                                                                                  com or visit
               Ft. Myers                                                           Classic Furniture & Consignment       Area’s LARGEST Mall
                                                                                         Antiques & Collectibles
                                                                                                                            Antiques & Art
                                                                                        “Everything Comes with a Story”
                                                                                                                             16521 S. TAMIAMI TRAIL
                                                                                                  Authorized Dealer of
                                                                                                      Sid Dickens
                                                                                                     Memory Blocks
                                                                                             Vintage Peddler                  20,000 Square Feet

                                                                                                      SUMMER HOURS
                                                                                                        TUE-SAT 10-4

                                                                                                     239-437-9117               100 DEALERS
                                                                                                                              HUGE VARIETY
                                                                                       16050 S. Tamiami Trail, #101              Located on US 41
                                                                                                                               (239) 489-2211
                                                                                           Ft. Myers, FL 33908     4


                                                                                                                     2     4

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