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        PLATTERS                                                                      BREVARD COLLECTORS SET NOVEMBER MEETINGS

        Continued from Page 3                                                       MELBOURNE— The Brevard Antiques and Collectibles Club holds monthly
                                                                                  meetings at two area locations. The group is open to anyone having an interest
           Turkeys are also the                                                   in learning about antiques and collectibles. There is a  different subject of
        only  breed  of poultry                                                   interest at each meeting and attendees are encouraged to bring in an item for
        native  to  the  Western                                                  study and discussion.
        Hemisphere.  They  are                                                      At the first Friday meeting (NOV 2) to be held at the Suntree / Viera Library,
        large, plump birds that                                                   902 Jordan Blass Dr., at 10:00 AM, the subject will be “TIME”.   For additional
        can feed an entire family,                                                information call George at 321-254-5831.
        so it  is only  natural  that                                               The third Tuesday meeting (NOV 20) will take place at the Melbourne Beach
        they became a symbol for                                                  Library, 324 Ocean Ave. at 1:30 PM.  The subject of this meeting will be
        Thanksgiving  even  if the  eagle                                         “POLITICAL MEMORABILIA”. For information call Rich at 321-795-7363.
        became our national symbol.
           Once turkeys became both the meal and the symbol for Thanksgiving, it was
        not long before their pictures were everywhere, including on platters. By the   Dade City & San Antonio
        early 1900s, as the romance of Thanksgiving came into full bloom, Americans                                                     98
        viewed the holiday as a special day of “thanks” and a day for family to gather.
        When family sat down to eat its Thanksgiving meal, a golden browned, baked                                                  Meridian Ave
        turkey sat in the middle of the table on the family’s favorite turkey platter.
           Platters,  turkey or otherwise, have an interesting  history.  The majority  of                           DADE CITY
        turkey platters are serving platters, not baking trays, and some turkey platters are
        purely decorative in nature with warnings on them not to use them to serve food.
           Possession of any type of tableware, including serving platters, has, since the                         52                   Clinton Ave
        13  century, been determined by family wealth. In London in the late-1200s,                         4
        affluent citizens owned dinnerware pieces made of fine silver while poor families                               579
        ate off of woodenware. By the late 1500s, even poor families dined off of pewter                 577
        platters and enjoyed dinner off of earthenware plates.                                                  579A                 Ft. King Hwy.  301  98
           By the mid-20  century, American families served Thanksgiving turkey on
        enamel coated metal ware platters.  Most of these were imported from the far     75                                                39
        East and often sold for $3 to $5 when new.  Today these platters range from $25
        - $50 on the secondary market.
                                                                                   Park your car in the tree-shaded city lots and stroll
                         Shown Above: Antique turkey serving platter, 16”x19”, $800.
                        Below: Large Royal Doulton “Flow Blue” turkey platter; $400.  among our antique and collectible shops. Enjoy our
                                                                                         small town charms. We’d love to have you!
                                                                                           Celebrating  Antiques
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