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                                 OCTOBER 2017 • Volume 31 No. 2
                                                       BLACK CATS

                                                          Symbol and Spirit of Halloween
                                                          By Larry LeMasters
                                                          LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                              October 27  is “Black Cat Day” in England. Cats
                                                          Protection designated this holiday to celebrate the
                                                          virtues of black cats (often called a “sab cat” or “sabo-
                                                          tabby”).  In America, Black Cat Appreciation Day is
                                                          August 17 .  Cats Protection’s research shows that it is
                                                          much harder to find new homes for abandoned black cats
                                                          than for any other color of cat.  The reason most often
                                                          given is that black cats are un-photogenic, but the true
                                                          root of the problem goes much deeper.  Black cats are
                                                          bad luck!
                                                              Folklore surrounding black cats varies, depending
                                                          on one’s cultural background.                                 Original Black Cat Cigarettes porcelain sign,
                                                                                           Continued on Page 2                circa 1935, that is valued at $7,500.

                                                                        Jacksonville Glass Show Welcomes Heisey Glass Collectors
                                                                                                             Jacksonville’s 44th Antique & Depression Glass
                                                                                                           Show & Sale will be held Saturday October 21st
                                                                                                           & Sunday October 22nd at the Fraternal Order
            Something for Everyone at Schiller's                                                           of Police Building, 5530 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville,
           Starting over 30 years ago as a personal                                                        Florida.  Guest Speaker is Barbara Bartlett, dealer
         collection, Schiller’s Architectural Design & Salvage                                             from Ohio, presenting rare pieces of Heisey
         has amassed a stunning collection of architectural                                                glassware.  Seminars will be given by Barbara
         embellishments and designer merchandise.                                                          Bartlett both days starting at 1:15pm.
           Salvaging the old and new has created an eclectic                                                 Other dealers from around the county will
         and quirky, hodgepodge array of items from various                                                be at the show selling glass from the 40’s, 50’s,
         historical periods – including today.                                                             & 60’s with patterns from Fostoria, Heisey,
           We take pleasure in our wacky finds of  Antiques,                                               Cambridge, Glassware of the Depression Era,
         Vintage pieces,  Outdoor elements, and Artwork.                                                   Fiesta and Pottery.
           If it is a hunt that you are after – say, a piece of                                              Free Depression Glass will be given to the first
         salvaged wood for the perfect table, then Schiller’s                                              25 people through the door on Sat & Sun.   Food
         Architectural Design & Salvage is the place for you.                                              Court & ID Booth will be on site.  FREE PARKING.
         Our inventory is constantly changing.                                                             Admission at the front door.
           Come spend a morning or an afternoon with us!                                   Ipswich Jug       Sponsored by Collectors of Depression Glass, a
         We're located at 1002 N Rome Ave, in Tampa. We're                                 Moongleam       non-profit, 501c-3 organization.
         open Monday-Saturday 9am to 5pm and can be                                        by Heisey         Call for more info  904 655-8445 or visit
         reached at 813-443-4641, or                                     

             PUBLIC AUCTION                                                                                                    2154 U.S.
              EVERY WEDNESDAY                                                                                                  HWY. 301
                APPROX 1:00 P.M.                                                                                           Zephyrhills, FL
              Antiques, Collectibles                                                                                       1-800-765-1628
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