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October, 2017          The Antique Shoppe          Page 3
           The idea being to frighten the                                                                            black cat collectibles might.  A one-
        employer by the mention of the name                                                                          sheet movie poster for The Black Cat,
        sabotage, or by putting a black cat                                                                          1934, was recently offered on eBay for
        somewhere around.”                                                                                           half a million dollars. I’m guessing the
           It is not surprising that, linked with                                                                    owner of this poster believes that the
        the Druid’s Samhain and as witch’s                                                                           only way to break the black cat curse is
        familiars, black cats have, with their                                                                       to pass it on to someone else.
        piercing yellow eyes and arched backs,
        become the symbol of and the spirit of
        Halloween.                                                                                                   SHOWN: TOP:  Halloween “Black Cat on Jack-O-
           Collectors eagerly but with some                                                                          Lantern” hand hooked wool rug; $550.
        trepidation seek out black cat images,                                                                       LEFT: Vintage, 1930s, “Witch & Black Cat”
                                                                                                                     Halloween decoration.  Marked “Dennison USA,”
        wanting to decorate for Halloween with                                                                       this decoration is valued at $200.
        vintage black cats, but not wanting                                                                          RIGHT:  Antique, German papier-
        the bad luck of black cats to inhabit                                                                        mâché Halloween black cat string dispenser,
                                                                                                                     circa 1930s; $550.

                                                their homes.  One “Black Cat”     to keep in mind:  It has been
                                                collector I know stated, “I only   suggested that if a black cat
                                                put out my black cat collection   crosses your path while you are
                                                [at Halloween] when I know my     driving, you should immediately
                                                mother-in-law is coming over.     turn your hat around backwards
                                                The old witch needs something     and mark an “X” on your
                                                familiar at our house.”           windshield to prevent bad luck.
                                                   Whether their reputation is    If you are not wearing a hat, you
                                                earned or not, black cats and     may as well drive straight to a
                                                Halloween are forever linked.     mortuary.
                                                And whether you are superstitious    One thing is for sure, if a
                                                or not, here is one black cat bad   black cat doesn’t actually kill
                                                luck remedy you might like        you, paying the prices for some

                                                              Visit Historic Downtown
                  MADDY'S ANTIQUES

                        121 W. Oak St.                               ARCADIA
                           863-494-2500                                                                                     Voted
                                                                                                                         “Best Antiquing
                            Specializing in:                     “Come Spend the Day With US”                            Town in Florida”
                          Country, Primitives,                 20 ANTIQUE SHOPS IN 3 BLOCKS                             By Florida Monthly
                             Vintage Sports

                    Thur. & Fri. 12-4, Sat. 10-4 or by appt.    ORANGE    AVE  MONROE    ST  OAK STREET    POLK    AVE  DESOTO   AVE
                            View our store at:                                               1

                                Antique Association of Arcadia
                                                                                                               New Proprietors Dale & Sharon,
                                   Visit for details                              Long-time dealers at The Galleria Mall,
                                                                                                                  Punta Gorda invite you to
                                  MONTHLY                                      2 nd                              their newly opened shop. . .
                              ANTIQUE FAIR                              SATURDAY                           YELLOW BRICK ROAD
                         (Every 4th Saturday 8am-3pm)                BARGAIN DAYS
                           Booth Space 863-993-5105                      October 14                             Antiques & Collectibles
                       OCT 28 • NOV 25 • DEC 23                                                                 112 W. Oak Street
                                                                                                                Arcadia, FL 34266
                                                 Association Members                                               863-993-3000
                      Bizarre Bazaar .................... 863-456-5608   Miss Pearl’s Place ........863-494-0232
                      Corey’s Antiques ................ 863-494-5959   Timeless Treasures .....941-993-9393  ALWAYS BUYING
                      Maddy’s Antiques .............. 863-494-2500   Yellow Brick Road ........863-993-3000  One Piece or Entire Estate      2
                      Manny’s Odds & Ends ........ 239-384-1705
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