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JULY 2020, Volume 33 No. 11                                             Florida’s Best News Source for Vintage-ANTIQUE-Collectibles
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          This original condition Garton Toy
          Company pedal fire truck, 1937,
          was offered on eBay for $6,000.

                                                        Garton Toy Company Produced

                                              “SIDEWALK FIRE TRUCKS”

        By Larry LeMasters

        LeMasters’ Antique News Service
           Eusebius Bassingdale Garton, founder of          In 1879, the Garton Toy Company                Famed architect William C. Weeks designed
        Garton Toy Company, was born near Toronto,       originated in a small frame workshop situated     this facility, and, even though Garton Toys
        Canada, in 1843. At the age of 21, E.B. Garton   along the north bank of the Sheboygan River,      is long gone, the building, now an apartment
        immigrated to Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin,        manufacturing anything and everything             complex, was listed on the National Register of
        and found employment as an oxen dray driver      that a household might need. Garton’s line        Historic Places in 2000.
        in Richardson’s Sawmill’s lumberyard. Garton     of manufactured wooded wares included               For more than 95 years, the Garton Toy
        immediately began to see the possibilities for   washboards, fish boxes, cigar boxes, and,         Company was one of Sheboygan’s leading
        manufacturing wood objects.                      eventually, wooden toys. In 1882, Garton Toy      manufacturers (employing 150 workers by
           Garton legend claims that young Garton had    Company introduced America’s first “coaster       1900), and, at one time, the company was
        a toy “epiphany” while working for Sheboygan     wagon” for children. This wagon was 100%          the largest “wheel” toy factory in the world,
        Carriage Company where he put four wooden        made of wood, including the axles and wheels.     producing more toys that required “wheels”
        wheels on one of the cigar boxes manufactured       Garton Toy Company expanded rapidly,           than any other company. Garton Toy Company
        at the Sheboygan Carriage. Garton later said, “I   and Garton, in 1930 (in reaction to its factory   issued its famous toy catalog each year, in time
        envisioned a motion conveyance having play       burning down in what the Sheboygan Press          for Christmas, and was considered by children
        value for children.” It was from this “motion    called “the day the city went wild”), finally     all over America as Santa Claus since it
        conveyance” that Garton Toy Company, a true      built a new and modern facility at North Water    manufactured some of the greatest toys created,
        dynasty in its day, began.                       Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Sheboygan.                                       Continued on Page 2

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