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                                                                                     The mid-1930s Garton “Ford” fire engine pedal cars came with
                                                                                  steering wheel, metal frame, rails, ladders, wheels, wood seat, chain
                                                                                  to pull fire engine bell, foot pedals, and much more. These gorgeous
                                                                                  “sidewalk fire engines” were a massive 48 inches long and came in any
                                                                                  color you wanted as long as it was Garton Red.
                                                                                     Sadly, the introduction to plastic toys and increased governmental
                                                                                  regulations on the production of toys led to Garton’s decline and final
                                                                                  closing. In 1973, Eusebius Garton’s dream child finally produced its last
                                                                                  toy and the Garton family sold the remnants of Garton Toy Company.
                                                                                  Gorman & Company ended up with the old Garton factory building,
                                                                                  converting what was once the busiest toy factory in the world into the
                                                                                  Garton Toy Factory Apartment Homes, making sure the Garton Toy
                                                                                  name lived on.

                                  Garton “Sharknose” No. 3
                     fire department  pedal truck, circa 1940s.

           By the early 1920s, Garton introduced its first “sidewalk automobiles”
        or pedal cars, beginning with deluxe Pierce Arrow pedal cars. And, in
        1950, Garton Toys introduced its most famous pedal car, the Garton
        Kidillac. Some of the most iconic and most sought after, by collectors,
        Garton pedal toys today are its line of “sidewalk fire engines” that
        included hook and ladder trucks and fire chief pedal cars. Most of these
        fire engine pedal trucks were produced in a red color that, over the years,                                          Garton fire truck, circa 1930s,
        became known as “Garton Red.”                                                                                        that is complete and in
           Original, good conditioned Garton Toy Company pedal fire trucks are                                               restorable condition.
        expensive today. Recently a 1937 one in restorable condition was offered                                             This truck is valued at $1,000.
        on eBay for $2,500, and an original one in very good condition was also
        offered the same day on eBay for $6,000.
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