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        Mr. Potato Head                                                             Mr. Potato Head married and Mrs. Potato Head came into production,

        Continued from Page 1                                                                         along with accessories that reflected the economic
        potatoes or any other food item—everyone                                                      rich 1950s, such as a car and a boat trailer. Soon
                                                                                                      after, Hasbro introduced Pete the Pepper, Oscar
        remembered the long rationing lines of the war and                                            the Orange, Katie the Carrot, and Cooky the
        thought wasting food was a sin.  Finally, Lerner                                              Cucumber with attachable face parts. These four
        convinced a food company to distribute Mr. Potato                                             Heads are popular with today’s collectors.
        Head plastic parts as free cereal premiums.  Soon                                               Mr. Potato Head has championed many causes
        after, Hasbro (Pawtucket, RI) bought the rights,                                              during his formative years, such as the American
        and Mr. Potato Head kits first sold in 1952 for 98¢.
        The kit consisted of almost 30 pieces of body                                                 Cancer Society, and he has appeared on television
        parts--a Styrofoam head, a body, hands, feet,                                                 and in movies. And he is one of the most popular
        ears, two mouths, two pairs of eyes, four noses,                                              floats in the St. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
                                                                                                        In an attempt to keep Mr. Potato Head fresh
        three hats, eyeglasses, a pipe, and 8 felt pieces                                             and popular with children, Hasbro has produced
        resembling facial hair. The kit advertised that a kid
        could use any fruit or vegetable to make a funny-                                             several Potato Head sets based on movie
        faced, anthropomorphic                                                                        franchises, such as Star Wars themed taters,
        playmate, including a                                                                         including “Darth Tater,” R2-Potatoo,” “Yam Solo,”
        real potato; although,                                                    ABOVE: 1952 original Hasbro Mr. Potato Head   “Luke Frywalker,” “Princess
        due to government safety                                                  in original box.  May not be complete but it   Tater,” and “Spud Trooper.”
        regulations, a plastic                                                    is all original; $82. LEFT: 1950s Mr. and Mrs.   There is a pair of Spider-Man
        potato was added to the                                                   Potato Head “Deluxe Car and Trailer” set.  Let   themed taters too—“Spider-
        kit in 1964.                                                              your Taters ride in style in this vintage set for   Spud” and “Peter Tater.” A
           On April 30, 1952, Mr.                                                 just $250. BELOW: Original Mr. Potato Head   big tater hit proved to be an
                                                                                  #2000 set, which sold in 1952 for 98¢.
        Potato Head became the                                                                                          Indiana Jones-themed “Taters
        first toy ever advertised                                                                                       of the Lost Ark.” This set was
        on television, making                                                                                  released in 2008 when Indiana Jones
        it historically and                                                                                    and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was
        socially important.  This                                                                              released.  And, in 2002, Hasbro released
        advertizing campaign                                                                                   a Mr. Potato Head bobblehead doll,
        also was the first aimed                                                                               which, while not movie related, proved an
        directly at children. Prior to Mr. Potato Head’s 1952 commercial,                                      overnight hit with children and collectors
        all toy advertising was aimed at parents.  Children quite literally                                    alike.
        went “bonkers” for the new toy and advertising was changed                                                                            Continued >

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