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Page 6          The Antique Shoppe             September, 2017

                             Shop ShotS

                                 Treasures From Our Dealers

                                     Early 1900s Antique                                                                        Come to country Antiques
                                    Singer Sewing Machine.                           Wonderful                                    Mall and check out
                                      Beautiful Tiger Oak,                          Eastlake Buffet                             all of our wonderful and
                                      Sewing Machine is                               $595.00                                       unique items.
                                   Complete. Dealer #MT44,
                                         $450.00                                Top Drawer Antiques                            Country Antiques Mall
                                                                                      Dade City                                     Crescent City
                                     Patty and Friends                              352-437-4838                                   352-317-7489
                                      Antique Village                  
                                       St. Petersburg

               We still have a few pieces of this years   Red Wing mid century pitcher   Vintage Barbie Dream Kitchen with   Late 1800’s English Victorian
                     restored antique wicker!          & coffee pot $50 & $60                original box               Original Mahogany Chaise Lounge
                        Come see us!                                                                                        w/matching hardware
                                                       Camellia Antiques                The Boulevard Shoppe                     $525.00
                        Mr. Frame It                        Earleton                  & Sweet Tea Celebrations
                         Jacksonville                     352-871-0743                         Gulfport                     Waldo Antique Mall
                        904-737-2919                                                        727-327-9700                          Waldo

                                          19th Century
                                          Display Case                                Oak Library Desk
                                       48”H x 38”W x 32”D                               Super Find                                 Copacabana Follies
                                       Possibly for Taxidermy                           $485.00                                  of 1932 beautiful poster
                                            $485.00                                                                                 by Harry Wysocki
                                                                                     Vintage Peddler                                 Zelda Zonk
                                         San Antonio                                    Ft. Myers
                                           Antiques                                   239-437-9117                                   St. Petersburg
                                          San Antonio                                                    727-827-3111

                                                                                  Blue Mary Gregory
                                                                                                                                  Beautiful framed oil
                                          Early 1900’s                              Student Lamp                                  painting of ballerina
                                        Fireplace Mantle                                                                              29 x 40
                                           $300.00                                  Feed Store
                                                                                   Antique Mall                                       $275.00
                                       Vintage Finders                                Ellenton                                   Antique Emporium
                                         Warehouse                                  941-729-1379                                      Reddick
                                          North Port                                                                                352-591-1221

           In an effort to assist our display advertisers in offering their merchandise to our readers / buyers. The Antique Shoppe introduces Shop Shots. It is the
           responsibility of each advertiser to provide their own photos and information regarding each unit displayed. Any questions regarding merchandise shown should
           be directed to the advertiser shown. It is our effort to provide accurate information for the merchandise shown. Deadline to submit your Shop Shot item for sale
            is the 12th of each month. Email .jpg photo (300 dpi or higher), brief description & price to *Offer extended to display advertisers only.
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