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 Parent & Child Swim Lessons
Parents, this program lets participants explore and become comfortable in the water with you right by their side. Our instructors will guide you and your child through different water activities and songs that promote water safety knowledge, aquatics adjustment, and swimming readiness skills. All participants 2 years and younger or regularly diapered must wear a facility-approved swim pant (available for purchase at the Inwood Athletic Club and Splash Station Waterpark). Sessions at Splash Station have 1 built-in rain date for a total of 9 classes. If all 9 days are clear weather, the last day will be a “fun day” where participants will get to enjoy the waterslides and other water park features.
Open Swim Schedule
 No class: 7/4, 9/7
Facility Program
20-2-9200A 20-2-9200B 20-2-9200C 20-2-9200D 20-2-9200E 20-2-9200F 20-2-9200G 20-2-9200H 20-3-9200I 20-3-9200J 20-3-9200K 20-3-9200L 20-3-9200M 20-3-9200N 20-3-9200O 20-4-9200P 20-4-9200Q 20-4-9200R 20-4-9200S 20-4-9200T
Facility Program
Inwood Athletic Club (Pool)
 Age Fee
6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $60R/$70N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N 6m-3y $70R/$80N
Day Date
Mon-Thurs Jun 1-Jun 11 Mon/Wed Jun 1-Jun 24 Tues Jun 2-Jul 21 Sat Jun 6-Aug 1 Sat Jun 6-Aug 1 Mon-Thurs Jun 15-Jun 25 Mon-Thurs Jun 29-Jul 9 Mon/Wed Jun 29-Jul 22 Mon-Thurs Jul 13-Jul 23 Mon-Thurs Jul 27-Aug 6 Mon/Wed Aug 24-Sep 16 Tues Aug 25-Oct 13 Sat Aug 29-Oct 17 Sat Aug 29-Oct 17 Mon/Wed Sep 21-Oct 14 Mon/Wed Oct 19-Nov 11 Tues Oct 20-Dec 8 Sat Oct 24-Dec 12 Sat Oct 24-Dec 12 Mon/Wed Nov 16-Dec 9
9:40a-10:10a 4p-4:30p 4p-4:30p 9a-9:30a 11:30a-12p 9:40a-10:10a 9:40a-10:10a 4p-4:30p 9:40a-10:10a 9:40a-10:10a 4:30p-5p 4:30p-5p 9a-9:30a 11:30a-12p 4:30p-5p 4:30p-5p 4:30p-5p 9a-9:30a 11:30a-12p 4:30p-5p
Check out our Open Swim Schedule at or call 815-741-7275 ext. 120.
All private lesson sessions are 30-minutes long. Payment must be received by the Joliet Park District before or at the time of the first scheduled lesson. Submitting a private swim lesson request does not register you for the program. Registration for private swim lessons must be completed at the Inwood Athletic Club front desk. Submit a request online for more info at
For group lessons, there may be up to 2 participants per instructor. All participants will learn at the same time in one group during the same lesson and will be of similar swimming capabilities. Each group lesson is also 30 minutes.
                    Splash Station Waterpark (Pool Body Slide)
 Age Fee Day
6m-3y $70R/$80N M/W/F
Date Time
Jul 6-Jul 24 9:45a-10:15a
  Private Swim Lessons
1 session 3 sessions 5 sessions
Individual $25R/$30N
$70R/$75N $105R/$110N
Group (2) $35R/$40N
$80R/$85N $115R/$120N
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