Page 6 - Book one - Flipbook
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                                          A Frightening Idea

               JAXON IS TIRED and not tired all at the same time. His mind is racing. He doesn’t have any idea
               how he will ever get to sleep tonight. He’s juiced because he’s playing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

               in the fourth grade play, in celebration of Dr. King’s birthday next week. He and his classmates

               rehearsed all afternoon and Jaxon, now more than ever, admires and respects Dr. King. He wants
               to do a super job so everyone will know what a good and important man Dr. King was.

                   He’s pretty sure he was picked to play Dr. King because his and Dr. King’s birthdays are on the
               same day and because he’s the tallest boy in the class. This is all good, but he doesn’t do well in
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