Page 7 - Book one - Flipbook
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front of an audience or when talking to strangers. He gets really nervous and stutters sometimes.
               He’s gotta figure out how to overcome this before the play next week.
                   Jaxon is lying in bed thinking about all of this when suddenly, out of nowhere, this thought
               pops into his head What if there were no Black people in the world? He’s not sure why he’s
               thinking it, but it makes his head spin.
                   Okay! Calm down, he tells himself. His heart feels like it’s beating out of his chest! Without
               thinking, he stands up and starts jumping up and down on his bed, blown away at the very
               thought of no Black people in the world! Worried and confused, he calls for his mom, forgetting

               that jumping on the bed is a real no-no.

                   In just a few seconds, his sister appears in his doorway, a little out of breath. “Jax, what the
               heck! You know you’re not supposed to jump on your bed. Get down before you fall and bust
               your head. Are you serious? Mom would lose it if she saw you jumping on the bed. So what’s
                   Jaxon stops jumping and plops down, breathing heavily. “I just had this weird thought and
               had to tell someone right away.”
                   “Well, what is it crazy little boy?”
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