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     All Human hairs are unique to the wearer. However, they do all fall into

     different categories, even though they do have a similar hair cycle.

     All Human hairs begin in the same way with the bonding of atoms beneath
     the scalp. Compatible atoms are bonded together by sharing their electrons.

     (Please see Fig. 11)

     As more atoms are bonded together they start to form a chain, this chain is

     fibrous and is called a Micro fibril. This Micro fibril joins together with 6 or

     7 other Micro fibrils to become a Fibril.  Many Fibrils join together and

     become a cortical cell.  Many cortical cells join together in a circular
     formation creating a hollow tube down the center known as the Medulla.

     All these cortical cells are known as the Cortex which is held together with
     protein cement, known as the Matrix.
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