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At the same time as the cortical cells are being formed, other atoms are

      creating smaller flat cells (cuticle scales) which are being forced against
      the walls of the epithelial sheath, as the cortical cells grow up the

      Epithelial sheath they collect the cuticle scales from the sides of the

      Epithelial sheath, forming a flexible fence around the cortical cells, rather
      like a leg inside a stocking. (Please see Fig. 12)

      Caucasian, Asian and Oriental hair types are very similar in structure all

      three cell types are completely circular Caucasian and Asian hair types

      have seven layers of cuticle scales. Oriental hair has 14 layers.

      Caucasian hair has a colour range of nine basic shades varying from off

      black to lightest blonde, with seven different tones soft ash, mauve,

      golden, copper, mahogany and red.  The mixture of these nine basic
      shades and seven tones can produce over seventy colours in the Caucasian

      natural hair colour.  Asian, Oriental and Black hair (African/Caribbean)

      only have a natural hair colour range of one (off black).
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