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                       Ombre, Balayage and Hair Colour Blending Techniques.

                       These techniques are the first move to more creative hair colouring.
                       Technicians are expanding their skills from just root applications,

                       whole head colours and highlights to very skilled placement of hair
                       bleach and hair colour.

                       Achieveing the above techniques relies totally on the technician’s
                       vision as to where colour placement is required. Technicians must
                       asses where to place hair bleach, or hair colour to achieve lights
                       and shimmers throughout the hair.

                       How has this come about? It began with Ombre or more
                       precisely people’s fascination with blonde hair and dark roots.
                       Technicians began to create colours with dark roots and called

                       them Ombre.

                       Having had success with Ombre, technicians switched their
                       focus to another much loved colour that happened naturally after a
                       two-week holiday in the sun. Six months after the holiday the
                       client now had dark roots and middle lengths with blonde ends that
                       were lightened by the sun. Technicians started to reproduce this
                       look by bleaching the ends and calling it a dip dye. Technicians
                       wanted to keep the dip dye effect without the harsh lines.

                       Evolution predicted change towards creating a blend from one
                       colour to another. This was so successful that they started to create
                       the colour on virgin heads and called it Balayage. Balayage has
                       evolved at such a rate it is no longer just about blending blonde
                       ends into dark roots. It is about blending all aspects of hair colour.
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