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                     For hair colour technicians,  Ombre was the start of thinking outside

                     the box “How can I create that bleach grown out look?” A regrowth
                     of three to four months seemed to be what the hair colour technicians
                     were looking to recreate. Why three to four months regrowth? This
                     amount of regrowth was especially appealing because of the tri colour
                     effect caused by the newest growth from the scalp (three quarters of
                     an inch yet to have Keratinised so one shade lighter (roots) than the
                     next two and a half inches of Keratinised hair (middle lengths) which
                     becomes one shade darker after Keratinisation). Finally the rest of
                     the hair is the highly bleached hair that has grown out from a full

                     head bleach.

                     Hair colour technicians began to create this tri colour look on
                     virgin heads using varied root and middle length colours to blend with
                     varying blonde ends. This technique is now known as OMBRE.
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