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 The Importance of Memorialization
It is important that one day if someone walks by a grave they will be able to read the tombstone and acknowledge a life that has been lived. Even if it is 100 years after death and a visitor did not know that person, they would at least by their name know that they were once here. Perhaps the date of birth and date of death would be on the stone as well, and one could calculate the age and maybe even how many generations of their family they were blessed to have.
This is one reason why the respect of properly marking a Jewish grave is so important. A grave for a Jewish person shall only hold one person at a time, (never one above each other ) keeping sacred that person’s resting place and should be “permanently” marked as soon as possible. A temporary grave marker should be left there the day of the service and an unveiling should be planned to mark the grave with a granite
or perhaps a bronze marker.
The unveiling is a ceremony usually in America that is done NEAR but BEFORE the year anniversary of the date of passing and is done directly at the gravesite to celebrate one’s life. It is an opportunity for family members to reflect and share stories once again and “if you leave an unveiling not feeling better than when you arrived you have defeated the purpose”.
We can assist you in deciding what type of monument you’d like for your loved one by having our trained staff assist you with designing, Hebrew lettering and the aesthetic balance of the design. Because we would have the funeral records on hand we can expedite the design and make it an easier process for all.

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