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 Advantages of Pre Planning
This is why it is so important to put your wishes in writing with us. Helping your spouse and other family members will give you peace of mind by having all the options spelled out in advance and reduce everyone’s anxiety at a most difficult time. There will be no doubts as to your final wishes.
Making your prearrangements also lets your children or other next of kin know that there is no guilt to be associated with the style of services selected. Without undue stress and worry, family can focus on setting up other details for a proper “Celebration of Life” or other Shivah preparations.
Financially speaking, it is smart to take control of your spending. Some families may choose to spend a certain way for funerals while others may choose to select other items. Either way, you can “lock in” on today’s funeral home’s out of pocket expenses and lock out inflation.
Whether one chooses to Pre Plan because of their Medicaid “spend-down” or to compliment their estate plan, they will gain the advantage of peace of mind by creating a permanent record with us.
For many other reasons it is most important to be prepared and plan. If one dies out of state or the country, without a will or without having the cemetery plot researched ahead of time, not having a proper Pre Arrangment in place will only delay burial.
Before a Death Occurs
At Home or at Work
When a death occurs at home or in the workplace, a family member or co-worker should contact emergency personnel and the person’s physician if he or she was under a doctor’s care. If the death occurs at home with family or friends present, and the person is under a physician’s care, the family will want to call us directly.
However, if the death occurs in a residence and no one is there at the time of death,

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