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• Selecting pallbearers
• Co-ordinating Shivah days and times
You may also need to sign necessary authorizations or make arrangements to have them signed by the appropriate family members.
We’d like you to bring any photos or memorabilia so that you and your funeral director can better discuss how you would like your loved one to be remembered. Having these things will help us create a truly fitting memorial service.
Our funeral directors will assist you in planning a loving tribute that captures the spirit of the person whose life you wish to honor. The funeral director will discuss personalization with you during your arrangement conference.
The following checklist will help you remember what information about the decedent and items will be needed when meeting with a funeral director:
• Full legal name
• Legal mailing address
• Social Security number
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Father’s first and last name
• Mother’s first and maiden name
• Veteran’s discharge papers (DD-214)
• Highest education level completed
• Occupation - type of industry and
• Place of burial (if applicable)
• Clothing
• Clergy name and phone number
• Survivors (name and relationship)
• Hebrew name and fathers name for
Suggestions When Writing a Death Notice
The following information is customarily included in a death notice:
• Full name of the deceased (nickname could be included)
• City or town of residence.
• List of immediate family members
of the deceased, specifying if they are alive or dead, through the terms “deceased was pre-deceased by his sister...” or “is survived by his wife”.
• Locations and times for services. • Any memorable way of honoring
the deceased, as by mentioning personal achievements, hobbies and interests, military service, groups, memberships, organizations or charity involvement.
Transporting the Deceased to Another Country for Burial
We have extensive experience shipping descendants to other countries for burial. If you require international transportation, please advise us as soon as the death has occurred so we can begin making arrangements with the appropriate authorities. Please be advised that complying with the requirements of some jurisdictions takes time - a minimum of one week, often longer depending on the Country. Shipping to Israel is often faster than the other locations.
Acknowledging Kindness
In the month after a funeral, it is customary to send thank you notes to friends and family who have served as pallbearers, made memorial donations, or sent cards, food or other condolence gifts.
You can order acknowledgment cards through your funeral director. Short personal notes can be written on the acknowledgment cards.
People tell us they sometimes find it hard to come up with the appropriate words for these thank you notes. Just a few lines are all that are needed to show that you and the family appreciate the kindness that has been shown you.

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