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The Other Medieval Churches of Prizren
The small church of landlord Dragoslav Tutić (Nicholas as monk) and his wife Bela is located in the center of the present-day Prizren. according to the
stone inscription, preserved only in fragments but of known contents on the basis of the transcript from the 19th century, it was built in 1331/1332 and most probably paint- ed immediately after that. Subsequently, it became a met- ochion of the Dečani Monastery. The one-nave church is of small dimensions, surpassed by the dome of octangular tambour with windows. a semi-circular apse with two semi-circular niches for prothesis and diaconicon is on the
eastern side. it was built simply with stone and brick. Not many paintings are preserved. according to the subjects, arrangement and style, fresco paintings are related to those from the first phase of the church of the Holy Savior and in the church of St. George at Rečani, so that it is considered that one workshop painted all three shrines. The same painters are considered to have painted two icons—the Mother of God Hodegetria from the iconostasis of Ljeviška Cathedral church in Prizren, and the dual Ljubižda icon with the annunciation and the Meeting between joachim and anna (in the National Museum in Belgrade).
  Remains of the fresco decoration, Church of Saint Nicholas (Tutić), Prizren, 1331–1332
Church of Saint Nicholas (Tutić),
view from the east and southwest, Prizren, 1331–1332

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